What are cable ties used for?

What are cable ties used for?

The clue’s in the name, isn’t it? Cable ties are used for bundling cables together. But are they used for anything else? Read on to find out!

Cable ties for bundling cables

Let’s start with the reason cable ties were first invented! Desperate to make the lives of 1950’s aircraft workers easier, Maurus C. Logan developed the cable tie as a way to secure the cabling in aircraft. Ever since, the cable tie has been used for bundling wires and cables together safely and securely. Variations of the common nylon 6/6 cable tie are available; today there are metal cable ties used in heavy industry, as well as printed cable ties used in a wide range of settings, including the electricity, water and gas industries. The humble nylon cable tie of the 1950s has evolved, and today we also have metal detectable cable ties for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Cable ties for outdoor use

There are industrial applications for cable ties which require them to withstand extreme conditions, for example in the farming and construction sectors, and here, our UV and heat stabilised cable ties are suitable for exposure to high levels of sunlight. Metal cable ties, also, remain corrosion-free while enduring extreme weather conditions.

Commercial and domestic gardeners everywhere will also testify to the value of the cable tie in the garden, where their value lies not necessarily in tying cables together but in securing climbing plants to supports. Where a mesh, wire fence has developed holes, cable ties can be used as a stop gap measure until the fence can be replaced – simply ‘darn’ the affected area with ties.

Cable ties and your car

While stainless steel cable ties are often used in the car industry, due to their heat resistant properties, to secure wiring and hoses underneath the bonnet, cable ties are also useful to use as wheel trims. Although they’re not guaranteed to stop anyone from taking the hubcap, they will act as a deterrent and are a great way to secure a hubcap that has come off. Once a year, for Comic Relief, red cable ties are the perfect way to attach the famous vehicle red nose too!

Cable ties for art

Possibly the greatest departure from their original purpose is the place that cable ties play in creative works and craft making. The imaginative minds of mixed media artists have created some incredible pieces of art, including wearable items of clothing, and functioning pieces of furniture!

Other hacks and uses for cable ties

So what else can cable ties be used for? You’d be surprised!

  • Use cable ties to secure the zip pulls on a piece of luggage together. The determined thief will cut through them but it may act as enough of a deterrent.
  • When little ones are visiting, cable ties can be used to temporarily childproof cupboards. Simply thread a tie through adjacent handles and secure. They can be removed easily after your visitors leave, or you can use releasable cable ties.
  • Identify different sets of keys with a cable tie – perfect for giving a spare set to a dog walker for example.
  • Use a cable tie to hang festive baubles and secure wreaths at Christmas.
  • As a temporary fix, cable ties can be used as a replacement strimmer cord if yours gives up in the middle of a job.
  • Fluorescent coloured cable ties are ideal for marking out paths and trails when hiking overnight.

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