Using cable ties to help with the spring cleaning

Using cable ties to help with the spring cleaning

With spring just around the corner we have some great ways that nylon cable ties can help you to get summer ready, inside and out.

Uses for cable ties in the home

A deep spring clean can uncover some areas that may have been overlooked beyond a superficial dusting and you may not have noticed that television, entertainment and home office cabling has become unruly. Reach for the releasable cable ties and bundle the cabling together. It will make it neater, easier to clean and the releasable tie will allow you to remove or add cables when needed. Our guide to cable organisation has lots of handy tips to help you.

Many of us pack away our winter jumpers and coats as we head into warmer weather, often in plastic storage boxes or even in heavy-duty plastic bags. To prevent moths from finding their way into your favourites, secure the box lids and bags with cable ties.

The key to getting your home ready for summer is to have all your equipment and resources organised and to hand. Thread a cable tie through the hole at the end of broom and mop handles and hang them from a hook in the utility room. Several items can be hung from one hook, saving space, and you will be able to find what you want much more easily. The high tensile strength of our cable ties makes this a great solution for hanging bigger, heavier tools in the workshop or shed too.

Get the children involved with the spring clean by introducing storage into the bedroom/playroom which will encourage them to be organised. Make use of empty boxes by cable tying them together to make storage cubes that are great for teddies and books. To help younger children to tidy up after playing, labels can be added to each box and attached with a cable tie.

Uses for cable ties in the garden

Everything in the garden starts to wake up and come alive at this time of year and it is now that we head out to prepare our beds, borders and veg patches for the new growing season. Cable ties can really help you to get ahead of the game. Our UV and heat stabilised ties are perfect for outdoor use and will not be compromised when exposed to extremes weather conditions.

Leftover soil or compost shouldn’t be left in open bags, to discourage mice and also to avoid spillages in the shed or greenhouse if they are knocked over. Once your borders and containers have been topped up, secure the open bag with a cable tie, to keep the soil moist.

Plants can be trained and encouraged to climb up a trellis by being supported with cable ties. Our green nylon cable ties will be discreet and not detract from your plants. For delicate varieties, our eco-friendly cable ties offer a flexible solution that will be kinder to tender plants.

Once you’ve given your gardening tools a thorough clean, ensure they stay as rust-free as possible by storing them with some silica gel. Just fill a piece of old tee-shirt fabric with some cat litter and secure with a cable tie. This moisture-absorbing pack can then be popped in with the tools in your gardening box.

If any wire fencing has deteriorated over the winter and you discover patches that need repairing, cable ties offer a great, temporary solution until the fencing can be replaced. ‘Darn’ the area with ties which can be easily removed when new fencing is installed.

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