Uses for coloured cable ties

Uses for coloured cable ties

Coloured cable ties can certainly stand out from the crowd, but what exactly can they be used for and are they as strong as black cable ties? This helpful guide has all the answers.

More than just the attractive cousin of the black nylon cable tie, coloured cable ties have many functions, commercially and domestically, which make them extremely useful.

Are coloured cable ties the same as black cable ties?

At cableties-online, our comprehensive range of coloured cable ties is manufactured from exactly the same nylon 6/6 as our black cable ties.

Features of coloured cable ties

Coloured cable ties share all the features of black nylon ties, offering good heat and chemical resistance, plus a working temperature range of minus 40°C to 85°C. They also share the same tensile strength, which measures the weight a cable tie can safely bear without breaking. Measured in kilograms, tensile strength generally increases with the width of the cable tie. How strong are cable ties? discusses the strength of coloured cable ties in depth.

How many coloured cable ties are there?

In addition to our black and natural coloured cables ties, we also offer a wide range of 13 other colours which includes 5 fluorescent shades. Our entire range can be seen here. All our coloured cable ties are single use and self-locking and are available in various lengths and widths. Our releasable cable ties are offered in a more limited choice of 6 popular colours.

Uses for coloured cable ties

With an almost endless number of applications, the following are the most common uses for coloured cable ties.

Green and brown cable ties both come into their own in the garden where they can be used inconspicuously to secure climbing plants, fruit crops and vegetables. Brown cable ties are also used as printed utility cable ties, along with blue, yellow, orange, grey, and black ties.

The aesthetics of silver cable ties make them the best cable ties to use as wheel trims and they are also useful for securing festive decorations and garlands to staircases. Red cable ties too are great for securing Red Noses and poppies to cars, but they also play a more serious role in fire and emergency situations where they serve as a visual alert to danger.

Remembering their original purpose to secure bundles of cables and wires, coloured cable ties have a big part to play in cable management allowing, for example, cables to be grouped together by location or server in a network. They can also be used to help quick identification of individual cables as well as other items such as bunches of keys.

Where detection is required in darker conditions, fluorescent cable ties really come in to their own with hikers and ramblers using fluorescent yellow and fluorescent orange cable ties to mark out paths and trails.

Of course, uses for coloured cable ties are only limited by the imagination and there are some great creative uses for cable ties including spectacular works of modern art and even clothing items produced by respected artists who have transformed cable ties into art.

If your next project would benefit from an injection of colour, or if you fancy flexing your creative muscles, all our non-fluorescent coloured cable ties can be purchased as a cable tie 1000 pack. For any other questions or enquiries, our sales team is on hand via phone or email to help.