How many coloured cable ties are there?

How many coloured cable ties are there?

Perfect for a wide variety of applications, our coloured cable ties aren’t just available in a rainbow of colours, they’re available in a double rainbow of colours! Read on to find out exactly how many, and how to use them.

If you thought nylon cable ties were only available in black and natural, think again! And if you thought coloured cable ties were just a prettier alternative, our guide will run through exactly how useful they are.

What are coloured ties made from?

Our entire range of coloured cable ties has been manufactured from the same nylon 6/6 as our standard black cable ties and our natural cable ties, giving them all the same fantastic features such as their strength and flexibility, working temperature and heat resistance.

How many coloured cable ties are there?

All our cable ties are available in a choice of widths and lengths, as well as the following colours:

Blue cable ties – vibrant blue cable ties are available in standard nylon and as metal detectable cable ties, a familiar sight in the food production and pharmaceutical industries. Metal detectable blue cable ties can be identified by metal detection process control equipment (metal detectors and X-ray equipment) and their colour makes them easy to spot. Our blog article The benefits of metal detectable cable ties for food manufacture will tell you more.

Green cable tiesgreen cable ties really come into their own in the garden or on the allotment where they are indispensable for discreetly securing climbing plants, fruit and vegetables. They can also be used to make a temporary repair to a mesh fence to prevent youngsters or animals from escaping before it can be replaced.

Red cable tiesred cable ties offer an instant visual alert to potential danger and therefore serve a purpose in fire and emergency installations. On a lighter note, they are also perfect for securing Red Noses and poppies to vehicles!

Brown cable tiesbrown cable ties, like green ones, work well in the garden or for repairing mesh fences. However, particularly when hot foil printed, they are also used in the identification of electricity cables in installations.

Yellow cable ties and orange cable tiesyellow cable ties and orange cable ties are a great solution when quick and easy identification is required. For example, network cables can be grouped together by location or server. For hikers wanting to mark a trail to find their way back to base camp, these cable ties are eye-catching and can be removed easily when no longer needed.

Silver cable ties – our silver cable ties are the best cable ties to use as wheel trims and a much more cost effective way to ensure you don’t incur the expense of a replacement hub cap if one is ever lost.  At Christmas time too, silver cable ties can be used for fastening festive garlands to staircases and bannisters, and for attaching baubles to a tree.

Purple cable tiespurple cable ties are really useful if ever you need to give someone a spare set of keys. Keeping them in one bunch means they won’t need to be added to the person’s own keys, enabling yours to be found quickly. 

Fluorescent cable ties – as well as our coloured cable ties, we sell a range of fluorescent cable ties, perfect for use in dark areas or to bring attention to dangerous situations. Available in 5 vibrant colours, fluorescent cable ties always add some fun to craft projects with youngsters too; for inspiration read our article Creative uses for cable ties.

A selection of our coloured cable ties can be supplied as releasable cable ties and all of them, bar the fluorescent ones, can be bought in bulk in a cable tie 1000 pack.

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