Creative uses for cable ties

Creative uses for cable ties

Here, we step away from the more conventional uses for the cable tie and have a go at unleashing our creative side.

In previous blogs, we’ve talked about the different ways cable ties can be used, outside of the world of cable management, from organising your workshop to repairing a wire fence

In today’s challenging climate, with many of us trying to fill our time while at home and with many parents having to home school, more of us are exploring our artistic sides. Use our ideas to get creative with the humble cable tie, with craft projects that you can do yourself or with your little ones.

Cable tie weaving

A great activity for young and old alike, cable ties can be woven into a bright and colourful wall hanging. Take some strong card, making some cuts at either end and wrap string or chord around the card, through the cuts. Then simply take coloured cable ties and weave them in and out the string. Attach a hanging loop and display in the playroom. For more detailed instructions head over to The Art Annex

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Cable tie snowflakes have a great little tutorial, with step by step pictures on how to make a cable tie snowflake. Perfect for any winter celebration, colours can be chosen to complement any festive décor.

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Cable tie heart garland

Why not use our coloured cable ties to make a heart garland or rain chain for the garden? Weather-proof, our cable ties are available as a Rainbow Pack of 8 different colours, just perfect for different colour combinations.

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Cable tie jewellery

Turn a handful of coloured cable ties into a snazzy link bracelet or even a necklace. And if the idea of some alternative jewellery pieces appeals to you, check out the insane talent of Renata at who creates futuristic designs.

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Cable tie fruit bowl

For the more daring among us, who fancies having a go at making a fruit bowl? Using 15cm and 20cm nylon cable ties, the fruit bowl could be made many in different colours and would make a completely unique, one of a kind gift! For detailed instructions head to

Image credit – Instructables (craft within reach)

And finally…

If you are feeling inspired, and would like to try something a bit more adventurous, then what about a cable tie light? Requiring a supply of 18cm ties in whatever colour you fancy, and a string of LED lights, this would make the perfect addition to any room. Detailed instructions are available here and if you do have a go, we’d love a progress report.

Image credit – Instructables (69valentine)

If we have ignited your creative touch paper and you need any advice on which cable ties would work well for you, call or send us an email and our staff will be happy to advise. All we ask in return is that you send us a picture of your creations!