The benefits of coloured cable ties

The benefits of coloured cable ties

Today, cable ties are available in a rainbow of colours, but what are coloured cable ties used for, and what colours should you choose? This helpful guide examines the benefits of coloured cable ties.

What are coloured cable ties?

At cableties-online, our range of coloured cable ties is manufactured from the same nylon 6/6 as our standard black and natural ties. This means that they share all the properties and qualities of their less vibrant cousins, including their tensile strength, and working temperature range of minus 40°C to 85°C (minus 40°F to 185°F).

What colours are cable ties available in?

Our coloured nylon 6/6 cable ties are available in 8 colours – blue, green, red, yellow, orange, purple, silver and brown. In addition, we also supply neon cable ties in fluorescent blue, fluorescent green,  fluorescent yellow, fluorescent orange and fluorescent pink. 

Uses for coloured cable ties

Coloured cable ties are the ideal solution for securing cables so that they can be quickly and easily identified, and for labelling individual cables. Similarly, network cables can be grouped by coloured cable tie according to location or server.

However, there are other uses for coloured cable ties, including being particularly useful for highlighting a specific key from a larger bunch. When giving duplicate sets of keys out too, for example to a cleaner or dog-walker, a coloured cable tie will avoid them having to add your keys to their own.

Brown cable ties and green cable ties work well in the garden where they can be used to tie in climbing plants and repair wire fencing without being too conspicuous, while silver cable ties can be used to secure hub caps.

When it comes to the time of year to fasten a poppy or red nose to your vehicle, red cable ties are great! Signifying danger, red cable ties are also used for fire and emergency installations.

Our fluorescent cable ties are ideal for use in dark areas where easy identification is required and the range of hard to ignore colours is indispensable for alerting people to dangerous situations. They also make a fun addition to a craft afternoon, and can be used to make wonderfully colourful creations. Check out our blog for some great creative ideas for cable ties!

In addition to being available in a variety of convenient lengths and widths, our coloured cable ties can also be printed for further identification. Printing is available on all coloured cable ties in a choice of text only, text and number, or number only and text colour can be black or white. Printed coloured cable ties can be used to promote your business but please note here that on some colours, the print may not be as visible as on others.

Our complete range of coloured nylon 6/6 cable ties can be seen here and our experienced and friendly sales team is happy to answer any enquiries over the phone on 01623 706241 or by email at