Top tips for cable management

Top tips for cable management

Cable chaos can represent a dangerous trip hazard, and unsightly, badly organised cables can overheat, leading to reduced efficiency in the long term. Our top tips for cable management will soon have all your cables looking neat and organised.

Whether the space under your desk at work is a mass of jumbled cables, or the area behind your television at home is an eyesore of wires and plugs, our cable management ideas will help you to cut the clutter and restore some order.

What is cable management?

Cable management is the organisation of cables that are connected to electrical devices. It also refers to the management of cables or wiring in an installation or cabinet such as a junction box.

Does cable management matter?

The short answer is yes, it does and there are several reasons for this. In a place of work, for example an office, disorganised cables are not only a major trip hazard but look unsightly and can give a very bad impression to visiting clients or customers.  The potential to overheat is greatly increased where cables are left in a badly organised jumble, which in turn increases the risk of fire. On a domestic level, cable spaghetti behind your television is unsightly and a dust magnet.

How to manage long cables

Cable ties really are your best friend when it comes to the best cable management and for long cables, you can’t do better than a releasable cable tie. Simply coil the excess length of cable and secure with a cable tie – a releasable cable tie will allow you to use more or less of the cable as and when required.

How to identify different cables

Distinguish the cable for your television from the cable for your satellite box or sound bar and make sure you never unwittingly unplug the wrong one by using coloured cable ties. In the office, differentiate the cables under your desk by securing them with marker cable ties which feature an integral moulded tag that can be written on.

How to manage multiple cables neatly

Several cables hanging from a desk or entertainment unit can be made much neater by securing them with a nylon cable tie and then enveloping them in flexible conduit for a tidier aesthetic.

How to tidy bundles of wires

Once you have secured a bundle of wires or cables with a cable tie, the bundle itself can still look messy. A cable tie mount will help to secure the bundle to an anchor point such as a wall. Where extension leads are on the floor, a nylon P-clip is handy for mounting the extension sockets to the underside of a desk or to a wall.

The number of devices used in the home or workplace continues to rise and it is more important than ever to maintain order with your cables. If you are about to tackle your cabling and need advice on the best cable management for your needs, please call us today on 01623 412160 or email us at and our friendly sales team will be happy to help.