How to tighten metal cable ties

How to tighten metal cable ties

Offering unparalleled strength and resistance to corrosion, metal cable ties are indispensable, but how do they work and how tight should they be? Our guide has all the answers.

What are metal cable ties made from?

The inherent strength of metal cable ties comes from the marine grade 316 stainless steel they are manufactured from. The high melting point of the quality stainless steel gives a broad working temperature range of -80°C to +538°C and its tensile strength varies from 89kg (for 4.6mm wide) to 160kg (7.9mm).

How metal cable ties work

Unlike nylon cables ties which feature a ribbed surface that works to create a locking mechanism to secure the cable tie in place, a stainless steel cable tie is smooth on both sides. This means they cannot be secured in place by tightening them alone. Instead, they feature a unique roller ball locking mechanism, with the roller ball securing the tie in place. This locking system contributes to the strength of the metal cable tie.

How tight should a metal cable tie be?

Ensuring you have a long enough cable to wrap round your bundle of cables more than once will give you more security when tightening the tie. Before being tightened, the cable tie should fit snugly around the bundle with sufficient slack to be tightened. A metal cable tie should be tightened enough without pulling wires or cables too much that components within them could be damaged.

How to install and tighten a metal cable tie

A metal cable tie can be tightened by hand but it is hard to get them as tight as they need to be, so some opt for a pair of pliers to pull the end of the tie through. However, this is not an ideal method of installation if you have multiple ties to fasten as it is difficult to create consistency across all ties. The tail end of the tie will be left intact too.

Using a metal cable tie gun

A metal cable tie gun is the recommended method for secure and safe installation of stainless steel cable ties. Installation tools tension the cable tie automatically at the same time as removing the excess tail cleanly and safely, with no sharp edges.

Stainless steel cable ties from cableties-online

Our stainless steel, roller ball cable ties are available in a choice of two widths and a range of lengths. Both flame retardant and fire resistant, our metal cable ties are the perfect solution when working in severe conditions where there is a risk of corrosion or adverse weather conditions. We also supply epoxy resin-coated stainless steel cable ties and PVC-coated stainless steel cable ties. 

Metal cable tie guns from cableties-online

Our installation tool for stainless steel cable ties and our heavy duty tool for stainless steel cable ties can be bought individually or in multiple packs of 10. Each of these cable tie guns automatically tensions the tie, while removing any surplus to leave a clean finish. They are manufactured from quality metal for durability and strength.

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