What are industrial cable ties?

What are industrial cable ties?

What are industrial cable ties and how strong are they? Which industries use cable ties? We answer these questions and more in this helpful guide.

What are industrial cable ties?

The phrase ‘industrial-strength’ conjures up an image of something that is extremely strong and powerful, and that is certainly the case when we talk about industrial cable ties. However, the diverse spectrum of industries that cable ties are found in means that not all industries require the strongest ties; even our shortest nylon 6/6 cable tie will have a use in most industrial workplaces.

Our range of cable ties is diverse and it is useful to look at the relative strength of the different types when deciding whether they suit being labelled ‘industrial’, or ‘heavy duty’.

Heavy duty cable ties

Our heavy duty cable ties are those that will withstand extreme conditions and/or cope with extreme load. Where the strength of a cable tie is of paramount importance to the task, heavy duty cable ties are typically longer and wider than standard ties, with a higher tensile strength. Heavy duty cable ties are also able to endure harsher operating conditions. It is the combination of both that makes the following cable ties well suited to heavy industry.

Stainless steel cable ties

Perfect for extreme conditions, our heavy duty stainless steel cable ties will withstand radiation, harsh weather, vibration and corrosion and are found within the mining and chemical industries. A choice of widths and lengths, alongside a high tensile strength (89kg-160kg) makes stainless steel cable ties the preferred choice for bundling heavy weights. These are the perfect cable tie for any extreme conditions that require excellent weight-bearing.

Coated stainless steel cable ties

Where the strength and durability of a stainless steel cable ties is needed but there is a risk of damage through scratching (for example with galvanised steel), coated stainless cable ties are the ideal solution. Sharing the same credentials as their non-coated counterparts, these ties are available with either an epoxy-resin coating or a PVC coating.

Nylon 6/6 cable ties

Nylon 6/6 cable ties are used extensively in industry and are the most commonly used cable tie. The range of lengths, widths and colours that our nylon cable ties are available in, makes them extremely versatile and, with a tensile strength of up to 114kg (250lbs), suitable for use within the manufacturing, marine and construction industries. For more information on cable tie strength, visit our blog How strong are cable ties?

On a global scale, metal cable ties are used in a wide spectrum of industrial settings, including offshore, mining, oil and chemical, shipbuilding, and electronics. There are other industries, however, which rely on nylon cable ties to fulfil important roles, and while these cable ties may not share the tensile strength of the stainless steel ties, they can nevertheless be considered ‘industrial’.

Clinical waste disposal

An absolutely vital industry, clinical waste disposal ensures that waste is disposed of in line with government regulations where it could otherwise represent a threat to either human health or the environment. Compliance within the industry is mandatory and it is enforceable by all waste being traceable back to source. To this end, printed clinical waste bag cable ties are essential as they are colour coded for different types of waste and they can be printed with details that identify the point of origin.

Food manufacturing

In an industry where product contamination can force a plant to be shut down, and strict safety laws are in place, the ability to detect possible contaminants quickly and easily is essential. To do this, manufacturers now often use metal detecting and X-ray equipment; our metal detectable cable ties feature a metal component that is distributed throughout the length of the tie, allowing even the smallest piece to be detected. Their bright blue colour also allows them to be identified in visual inspections.

If you are not sure which type of cable tie you need, don’t hesitate to get in contact by phone or email where our experienced staff is happy to advise.