What are coated cable ties?

What are coated cable ties?

What exactly is a coated cable tie? Is it nylon or is it metal? What are cable ties coated with and what are they used for? Our guide explains everything you need to know about coated cable ties.

What are coated cable ties?

Coated cable ties refer to metal or stainless-steel cable ties that have been coated in different types of nylon.

What are cable ties coated with?

Metal cable ties can be coated in an epoxy resin or in PVC. Epoxy resin is a type of nylon known as a thermosetting polymer, while PVC is a thermoplastic polymer. At cableties-online, we stock both PVC coated stainless steel cable ties and epoxy resin coated stainless steel cable ties.

How strong are coated cable ties?

Coated stainless steel cable ties offer the same, unparalleled features of a non-coated tie, including a minimum loop tensile strength of 89 kgs at 4.6mm width and 160 kgs at 7.9mm. Follow the link here to learn more about tensile strength of our entire range of cable ties.

Qualities of coated stainless steel cable ties

As well as their tensile strength, coated stainless steel cable ties have a working temperature range of -40°C - +150°C.  Coated stainless steel cable ties also offer excellent resistance to acids, chemicals and salt, thanks to the protective coating which also reduces the risk of the cable tie corroding.  A coated cable tie protects both the cables being bundled together and the user, from cuts and abrasions that can occur with stainless steel cable ties. They are ideal for use where a high tensile strength is needed but a sensitive harness requires carefully bundling.

What are coated cables ties used for?

The layer of protection that the coating adds to a stainless-steel cable tie makes them resistant to harsh weather conditions so they are an ideal solution for outdoor applications. The hardwearing nature of the coating has led to these cable ties being used in a variety of industries where demanding and arduous conditions exist. They are popularly used in such industries as chemical, oil rig platforms, mass transit, shipbuilding and mining, and are recommended for any situation where they could come into contact with galvanized steel, to combat the issue and reduce the risk of contact corrosion.   

Coated stainless steel cable ties from cableties-online

We offer two types of coated metal cable ties, PVC Coated Stainless Steel Cable Ties and Epoxy Resin Coated Stainless Steel Cable Ties. Coated stainless steel cable ties do not have the barbed locking system of a nylon cable tie but instead share the same unique roller ball system of a stainless-steel tie, which is non releasable. The self-locking head design allows speedy installation and will lock into place at any point along the tie, while the fully enclosed head prevents dirt getting into the locking system. For enquiries about our coated cable ties or any of our products, our staff is on hand with help and advice on 01623 706241 or via email at sales@cableties-online.co.uk