A guide to Coast torches

A guide to Coast torches

An acknowledged market leader, Coast manufactures robust, high-performing torches, lanterns and head lamps. Here is our guide to Coast torches.

A history of Coast torches

Founded in Portland, Oregon, USA, Coast is a family run business dating back to 1919, when it was started by Henry W Brands, a hardware salesman. Responding to the needs of the local fishermen who needed a strong enough filleting knife for their salmon catches, Henry designed a knife that went on to be the first product for the Coast Cutlery Co.

The transition into lights, torches and batteries began when Henry’s grandson, David, who joined the family firm in the late 1970s, saw a novelty keyring with an LED and saw the potential in the technology. Since incorporating an LED into a pocket knife, the company has gone on to move the majority of its product line into lights.

Today, Coast is one of the world’s market leaders in LED optical technology and pocket tools. Their extensive range of products is used in many settings, from outdoor activities, to the emergency services and professionals and contractors in every skilled trade.

Coast flashlights

Coast produces a wide range of torches featuring LED technology to suit every situation, from high-lumen options to pocket torches. Most models use AA or AAA batteries and there are some rechargeable options available, but all Coast torches are economical to run and offer long run-times. Models featuring Coast’s patented ‘Pure Beam’ Focusing Optic emit a quality, pure beam of light and offer both a ‘spot mode’ and a ‘flood mode’.

Coast headlamps

Perfect for workers and contractors operating in poorly lit conditions who need both hands free, the Coast range of headlamps is extensive. Offered in a variety of formats, there are options for beam shaping and light control, as well as power source.

Features of Coast torches

Designed to be robust and durable enough for outdoor use, Coast torches are waterproof and practically unbreakable. With models suitable for after-dark dog walking, small-space electrical and plumbing work, as well as activities such as sailing and hiking, Coast products undergo vigorous testing to ensure they will withstand knocks, drops, falls and even salt water! Torches, headlamps and lanterns come with a minimum 5-year guarantee.

Coast torches at cableties-online

Our range of Coast torches includes a wide variety of products, including penlights, work lights, hanging torch lights, head torches, emergency lanterns, and rechargeable torches. And of course, they still produce the product that inspired it all, the keyring torch!

Whether you are looking for a Split Swivel Keyring Torch Flashlight that emits a modest 15 lumens, a FL85 Battery Power Head Torch offering a maximum output of 615 lumens, or the polished stainless steel workhorse that is the Coast Rechargeable Torch A25R giving up to 1000 lumens, you will find the perfect Coast torch at cableties-online.

For any enquiries about any of our Coast range, email us at sales@cableties-online.co.uk or give us a call on 01623 412160 today.