Different types of tape – a complete guide

Different types of tape – a complete guide

The selection of tapes available on the market today is overwhelming and choosing the right tape for your needs can be tricky. Our guide looks at the most common tapes available.

PVC Insulation Tape

PVC insulation tape is a type of electrical tape, which is an adhesive tape used for electrical phasing and wiring work. Suitable for outdoor applications PVC tape can function in temperatures as low as -45°C and is resistant to harsh weather conditions. Available in assorted colours for differentiating between wires, our PVC tape is also available to buy in mixed colour packs, and in a non-adhesive option.

Masking Tape

Available in two roll lengths (25m and 50m) and 4 widths (19mm, 25mm, 38mm, 50mm), our masking tape is ideal for use when painting and decorating. Manufactured from thin, easy to tear paper, masking tape is used to mask off areas not to be painted and for this reason is sometimes referred to as painters’ tape.

Double Sided Tape

Double sided tape has adhesive on each side allowing two surfaces to be stuck together without the tape being visible. Supplied in 33m rolls, our double sided tape is available in 3 widths (12mm, 25mm, 50mm).

Gaffer Tape

A strong and durable adhesive tape, gaffer tape leaves no residue upon removal. It features a rubber based adhesive and a cloth coated backing which makes it moisture resistant and therefore ideal for use in in moist or humid conditions. Available in a choice of colours and widths.

Cello Tape

Cello tape derives its name from the word cellophane and is a transparent or semi-transparent adhesive tape manufactured from cellulose acetate. Similar to the vacuum cleaner/Hoover situation where a brand name has passed into common usage for the item, cello tape is the product name and Sellotape is a brand name. So all Sellotape is cello tape but not all cello tape is Sellotape!

Parcel Tape

Parcel tape is a single sided adhesive tape ideal for sealing boxes and making repairs to packages. This is a strong, all round product for general purpose use and is available in brown or clear on 66m rolls. For ease of application, we recommend a parcel tape gun which will make sealing large numbers of boxes or packages quick and easy.

Self-Amalgamating Tape

Self-amalgamating tape, available in a choice of lengths and widths, is a silicone rubber tape that adheres to itself when stretched, without adhesive. Offering excellent resistance to moisture and dirt, it is used to seal, repair and protect hoses, pipes and electrical joints in outdoor environments.

Anti Slip Tape

Durable and hardwearing, anti slip tape can be used where there is a risk from slipping, for example on stairs or ladders, to reduce the incidents of slipping. Featuring a course, gritty surface, this tape represents a cost effect solution in the workplace and will withstand most chemicals and liquids.  

In addition to the above, our extensive range of tapes for every situation includes but is not limited to double sided foam tape, barrier tape for cordoning off areas and for crowd control, aluminium foil tape for thermal insulation applications, and silicone tape. We also stock warning tape and caution electric cable below tape.

If you find the choice of tape confusing or overwhelming, our experienced sales team will be able to advise you on the best tape for your needs. Simply call us on 01623 412160 or email us at sales@cableties-online.co.uk and we will be happy to help.