Cable tie size guide

Cable tie size guide

Today, the choice of cable ties available on the market can be overwhelming. What type do I need? What size should I buy?

Of course, your choice will depend on various factors including where the cable tie will be used, what it will be used for, how many cables it will be used to secure, and whether you want the option to reuse the tie. Our quick guide will help you buy the correct size cable tie for the job in hand, but if you need any further help, we are available to offer help and advice over the telephone or via email.

How are cable ties measured?

The length of a cable tie is the measurement from the head of the tie to its tail.

What size do cable ties come in?

Our lengths on are given in millimetres, and our range of nylon 6/6 cable ties, for example, is available in lengths from 80mm (3 inches) to 1530mm (60 inches). Depending on the length required, the cable ties will be offered in a choice of width, also in millimetres, measured from side to side on the body of the cable tie.

What is bundle diameter?

The majority of cable ties purchased for domestic use are 300 mm and below but something to bear in mind when ordering cable ties is the size of the cables you will be securing. It is imperative to ensure the diameter of the closed cable tie circle will be large enough for your bundle of cables. This measurement is usually referred to as the bundle diameter. Excess cable tie is usually trimmed off after installation so a too-long tie will not pose the same challenges as one that is too short! If in doubt, choose a longer length.

What is tensile strength?

The tensile strength is given in kilograms and this measures the amount of outward pressure the cable tie will be able to bear before it will break. Tensile strengths can range from 8kg for a short nylon tie, to over 160kg for a long, heavy duty stainless steel tie.

Our most popular cable ties are described below:

Standard Nylon 6/6 Cable Ties

Our standard cable ties are manufactured from nylon 6/6 which is both strong and resilient. They are ideal for most basic applications and are available in lengths from 80mm to 1530mm, with a tensile strength of up to 113.5 kg.

Printed Nylon Cable Ties

Made with the same hight tensile construction as our standard cable ties, the printed nylon cable ties can be customised with text and sequential numbering. Ideal for any industry or service where clear identification is necessary, our printed nylon cable ties are offered in lengths from 160mm to 914mm and a choice of colours.

Releasable Cable Ties

Releasable cable ties are available in 8 lengths and 6 colours. They offer the ideal solution for any temporary fastening requirements such as equipment where wires need to be added to, or removed from. 

Push Mount Cable Ties

Push mount cable ties offer one step fastening, with a mounting device with locking barbs to hold securely. These are perfect for fixing cable ties to a surface and are available in multi packs, with discounts on larger orders. The nylon 6/6 construction offers a high tensile strength.

Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Stainless steel cable ties are typically used where harsh conditions such as weathering and corrosion need to be considered. Manufactured from 316 stainless steel, our stainless steel cable ties are available in 9 lengths and two widths; the narrower stainless steel cable tie measures 4.6mm and has a minimum loop tensile strength of 89kg, while the wider (7.9mm) has a minimum loop tensile strength of 160kg. The unique roller ball locking mechanism means the cable tie can be quickly and easily installed, but not released.

Whatever your cable tie requirement, our comprehensive range includes almost every type of cable tie and fixing you could ever need. For a vast selection of everything from nylon cable ties, custom-printed cable ties or heavy duty, stainless steel cable ties, simply browse our website. Our friendly staff are here to help with any further technical enquiries you may have and ordering is quick and easy.