Plastic Vs metal cable ties - which is best?

Plastic Vs metal cable ties - which is best?

Most people don’t spare the humble cable tie a second thought, believing them all to be little plastic strips. Wrong!

The choice of cable ties available can be overwhelming for the novice – size, material, type of construction, qualities such as temperature resistance, the list goes on. Here, we’ll take you through the pros and cons of plastic versus metal, to help make your decision making a little easier.

Nylon cable ties

Made from nylon 6/6, a versatile engineering thermoplastic, our plastic cable ties are available in various thicknesses, lengths and colours. Nylon cable ties are the most popular, offering weather and ultra violet resistance. Plastic cable ties can be used for a multitude of purposes, from securing bags, to securing and organising cables. Within nylon cable ties, there are several types to choose from, depending on your intended task.

Marker ties

Our marker cable ties feature an integral, flat tag, moulded into them. This allows you to write on them or add a label, making them ideal for identifying cables. They can also be used for marking the contents of plastic bags when used to secure them, and even for the keen gardener to identify varieties of plants quickly and easily.

Coloured cable ties

Coloured cable ties are perfect in any situation where you may need to quickly identify types or groups of cables. They can also be used for identifying smaller groups of cable from within a larger bundle. In other situations, wherever quick, visual identification is needed, for example to differentiate between sets of keys, coloured cable ties are an ideal solution.

Releasable cable ties

Releasable cable ties are perfect for bundling cables together where you may need to add extra cables in the future, or remove some. They are an ideal solution to any temporary fastening jobs.

UV and heat stabilised cable ties

Designed to withstand heat and damage from UV light, our UV and heat stabilised cable ties are suitable for outdoor use. Their heat resistant properties enable them to be used anywhere that may get hot such as a boiler room, and they are ideal for use with heat conductive cables.

Metal cable ties

Our metal cable ties are manufactured from 316 stainless steel, which offers excellent resistance to corrosion and extremely high tensile strength. Stainless steel cable ties are widely considered to be fire resistant, due to the high melting point of 316 stainless steel. They are also non-magnetic and are able to support much heavier loads than their nylon counterparts. At, our metal cable ties include:

Stainless steel roller ball cable ties

Perfect for any situation where harsh environmental conditions such as salt water and weathering are a concern, our stainless steel roller ball cable ties are high quality, durable and will not rust or stain. The stainless steel roller ball construction has a ball bearing which tightens and secures the tie as it is tensioned, which gives a non-releasable locking mechanism. Offering unparalleled strength and highly recommended for outdoor use, our metal cable ties can be used for securing poles, pipes and hoses and are indispensable within a variety of industries, including aircraft, mining, and oil and gas.

Coated stainless steel cable ties

As with our metal cable ties, the nylon coated ties offer a variety of domestic and industrial uses. The plastic coating will provide an added layer of strength, while protecting surfaces from scratches and damage. In situations where a metal cable tie may come into contact with galvanised steel, causing a reaction, the use of plastic coated ties is recommended for combatting this issue.

To ask whether plastic or metal cable ties are best is like asking whether a spoon is better than a fork. Both serve the same purpose, but prevalent conditions will dictate which will be better suited to a particular task. So, when deciding which type to purchase, consider what you will be using the ties for as well as where you will be using them. For any further help or advice, give our customer service team a call today on 01623 412160.