What is self-amalgamating tape?

What is self-amalgamating tape?

At cableties-online, in addition to the humble zip tie, we supply the everyday accessories used by tradespeople such as electricians and plumbers. In this guide, we take a close look at self amalgamating tape.

What is self-amalgamating tape?

We supply self amalgamating tape made from ethylene propylene rubber. Known for its weather resistance and durability, it is ideal for use in outdoor situations. Self amalgamating tape is also known as self-fusing tape and sometimes rigging tape. Silicone self amalgamating tape has a higher voltage rating than ethylene propylene rubber, but a lower resistance to tearing.

How does self amalgamating tape work?

The non-sticky nature of self amalgamating tape means it will stick to itself, without adhesive. Named after the word amalgamate which means “to mix or merge so as to make a combination; blend; unite; combine”, the tape when stretched over another piece of tape, will ‘combine’ to create a solid piece.

How to use self-amalgamating tape

All that is required to use and apply self amalgamating tape is a pair of scissors – no protective gear or specialist tools are necessary. Simply cut the tape to the required length, remove the backing paper which protects the tape against sticking to itself before it is used, then stretch the tape and apply, stretching it as you go to create a tighter wrap. Where the tape is being wrapped around something like a pipe, overlap each layer with the last one by 50%, as this helps to create a stronger bond between layers. The layers will bond quickly – usually within a few minutes – but will last for years.

What is self-amalgamating tape used for?

As one of the 10 accessories that should be in every plumber’s toolkit, self amalgamating tape can be used to seal stainless steel pipes that are beginning to corrode through exposure, as a temporary measure until the whole pipe can be replaced. Where a fracture leak has occurred in the middle of a pipe (not on a joint), it can also be used to create a temporary watertight seal. In addition to its use in plumbing, self amalgamating tape is also used to protect sails from chafing in the marine industry, hence its name ‘rigging tape’. Radiator hose repairs are carried out with self amalgamating tape by car mechanics and, domestically, it can also be used for creating more grip on sports racquet handles and bicycle handles too.

Features of self amalgamating tape

  • Available in a choice of lengths and widths
  • Moisture and dirt resistant
  • Weather resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Durable
  • Wide working temperature range
  • High stretch capability - will stretch up to 3x its length
  • Easy to use and apply

Self amalgamating tape from cableties-online

Our self amalgamating tape contains none of the restrictive materials banned under the Restriction of Hazardous Restrictions (RoHS) and offers complete REACH compliance. This demonstrates that the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has passed it safe for use without harm to the end user.

For any advice or information about self amalgamating tape, silicone tape or any of our range of tapes, please email our sales team or call us on 01623 412160.