10 accessories that should be in every plumber’s toolkit

10 accessories that should be in every plumber’s toolkit

What’s in a plumber’s toolkit? When you think of a plumber’s toolkit, hacksaws, mole grips and pliers probably come to mind. But what other supplies does a plumber use day-to-day? Our guide looks at the accessories every plumber should carry.

Silicone tape

As stainless-steel pipes begin to corrode through air exposure, sealing them with silicone tape is more cost effective than replacing the whole pipe, if this cannot be done straightaway. Silicone tape will not stick to pipes, but only to itself so is useful to create a temporary waterproof seal on a fracture leak, which occurs in the middle of a pipe and not at a joint.

PTFE tape

A must-have for every toolbox, PTFE tape is essential for sealing plumbing joints and lining pipe threads to ensure leak-free joints. Also known as thread seal tape, PTFE tape can also lubricate the connection between pipe joints which makes threading smoother. It also helps to ensure that a watertight seal is achieved and maintained on all threaded joints.

PVC Insulation tape

PVC insulation tape is used for over-wrapping on tie rods, cables, and plastic-coated steel service pipes. It can be used as differentiation between pipes and cables or to group several of each together.  PVC insulation tape will ensure leak-free joints and permits easy disassembly.

Aluminium foil tape

Aluminium foil tape combines the versatility of aluminium with the adhesive qualities of tape. Cool and durable, it is resistant to tearing in use, and has thermal sealing properties. Aluminium foil tape is available in a choice of lengths and widths and is ideal for sealing foil faced insulation products such as pipe insulation and aluminium insulation boards. In refrigeration, aluminium foil tape can be used to seal and patch both hot and cold air duct seams and connections.

Flexible conduit

Our flexible conduit is available with an internal diameter of up to 23.1mm in split and non-split options. A great solution for protecting pipes, the flexible conduit provides ease of installation and removal of all pipes.

Conduit and spiral wrap tool

Recommended for use with our flexible conduit, this useful tool glides effortlessly and securely through the conduit.

Stainless steel cable ties

Although they are not susceptible to corrosion, staining, or rusting, stainless steel cable ties can be used in any situation where moisture may be a concern. For a plumber, this makes them perfect for cables and wires that might be exposed to water or extreme temperatures. For more information, see our blog ‘All about metal cable ties’.

Cable tie installation tool for stainless steel ties

An indispensable tool for the toolkit, this installation tool automatically tensions and cuts stainless steel cable ties. Manufactured from high quality metal, our cutter gives a clean finish and features adjustable bundling pressure.

Round wire cable clips

Available in a choice of two colours and suitable for pipes up to 14mm, our round wire cable clips offer an effective way to secure pipework to walls and floors. The tempered nail can be used on all types of masonry.

Flat twin and earth cable clips

Suitable for cables from 1.5mm to 10.0mm, flat twin and earth cable clips are commonly used in fixed wire installations but are also suitable for installing central heating thermostat fittings.