cable clips

What do you use cable clips for?

Cables are found in every aspect of our lives, from televisions and computers to the chargers for all our devices, and the best way to keep them in order is with a cable clip. Here we look at what cable clips are and how they work.

What are cable clips?

Used for cable management, a cable clip is used to secure wires and cables to a fixed point such as a wall, skirting board, or ceiling. Cable clips are vital to managing cables safely in an office and at home, making cables look neat and tidy, while also reducing the risks of tripping.

How do cable clips work?

Generally, a cable clip has two parts – one part, usually a loop or cradle will secure the cable while a nail or screw secures the cable clip to a surface.

What do you use cable clips for

Within the home, cable clips are indispensable when running cables and wires around doorways and skirting but be aware that clips do not hide the cables from view; they secure the cable to a surface to keep them tidy only. In the office, cable clips are often used to secure the cabling from equipment such as telephones and printers, while in an industrial setting, cable clips are used in a wide variety of applications including natural gas production, the petrochemical industry and factory automation. 

Types of cable clip

At cableties-online, we offer the following cable clips:

Self-adhesive cable clips – ideal for surfaces that cannot accept a nail or screw, or for temporary security only, self-adhesive cable clips are easy to use as no nailing is required. The clip has a sticky surface which simply attaches to the chosen surface.

Nylon p clips – a simple, one piece product, nylon p clips wrap around the cable before being secured to a surface by means of a nail or screw. A p clip is secured around the cable once the screw has been used.

Rubber lined p clips – ideal for use in situations requiring oil and heat resistance, rubber lined p clips are used to secure pipes and hoses without fear of damaging their surfaces. The rubber lining also insulates and reduces vibrations.

Round wire cable clips -  most popularly used within the home to secure a run of cabling around skirting boards or doors, round wire cable clips are easily removed and repositioned where required. The clip is secured by a simple push pin.

Flat twin and earth cable clips – used to secure twin and earth cables (the green and yellow sleeved wires), flat twin and earth cable clips are wide enough to accommodate them and they feature a flat profile for a more secure fastening. These are ideal for use in wood, masonry and particle boards.

Bell wire cable clips – supplied with a hardened steel nail, bell wire cable clips are used for cables in electrical wiring and they are perfect for securing the wiring of door bells and telephones. They can be used in masonry and particle board, with the steel nail ensuring they won’t break easily.

What size cable clips?

The size of cable clip you will need depends entirely on the job you are using them for. Factors to consider are the thickness of the cable or wires you are securing and the environment the cabling will pass through. At cableties-online, our nylon p clips are available in sizes from 3mm to 28mm, while our rubber lined p clips are available up to 50mm, ideal for heavier tubing and/or conduit found in industrial settings.

For all your cable clip requirements, cableties-online can be relied upon for excellent quality and customer service. Our experienced sales team can be reached by email at or by telephone on 01623 412160.