Cable tie accessories

Cable tie accessories

We have come a long way in the 60+ years since the patent application was made for the original Ty-Rap cable tie, and today there are as many cable tie accessories as there are cable ties. Here, we take a look at the most popular.

Cable ties have become an indispensable part of so many industries and when used in conjunction with the many cable tie accessories that we supply here at cableties-online, they become even more useful!

Crimping and cutting tools

Commonly used to attach connectors to the end of electrical cables, crimping and cutting tools join pieces of metal by pressing them together to form a seal or ‘crimp’. Our range of crimping tools includes copper tube crimpers and auto cable strippers.

Stainless steel cable tie tension tool

An invaluable piece of equipment, our stainless steel cable tie tension tools speed up the fastening and cutting off process. Simply loop the cable tie by hand and then use the tool to tension and cut it. For the heaviest duty stainless steel cable tie, our Heavy Duty Installation Tool is ideal.

Cable tie mounts

Where bundles of cables need to be kept in one place, for example in walls, ceilings or control boxes, a cable tie mount offers a secure fixing with a drill hole. Ideal for use where you can’t use nuts and bolts, the mounts provide a reliable and firm fixing base which is quick to use.

Cable tie bases

Self-adhesive cable tie bases are platforms with a hole for one or two cables to pass through. Once the cables are secured to the base, it can be attached to a surface. The premium adhesive works extremely well on surfaces including plastic, metal, varnish and paint.

Cable tie cradles

Available in natural or black, our cable tie cradles are designed for use with heavier cable bundles. Offering a secure fixing, the cradles are available in three sizes, to accommodate heavy duty cable ties up to 12.7mm in width.

Cable clips

We have a range of cable clips available in nylon or steel that are ideal for use in inaccessible applications. Self-adhesive cable clips are available for areas where no other fixing methods can be used.

ID tag cable ties

Our marker cable ties feature a handy integral tag moulded into them. Far safer than using a separate tag that can become detached and easily lost, these tags can either be written on or have a self-adhesive label attached to them. Available in a choice of 5 popular colours, these ties make later identification quick and easy.

Buying your cable ties and cable tie accessories from cableties-online

With over 15 years’ experience, we understand what our customers are looking for in their cable ties and accessories. All our products are of the highest quality and our price promise means that if ever you find comparable cable tie products elsewhere, we will match the price and return the difference to you. For information or advice about any of our products, call us on 01623 706241 or email us at and our experienced sales team will be happy to help.