Cable tie mounts – a complete buyer’s guide

Cable tie mounts – a complete buyer’s guide

Along with nylon cable ties and other accessories, cable tie mounts offer a great solution for cable management. But what are they and how do you use them? Our guide tells you everything you need to know.

What are cable tie mounts?

Cable tie mounts are used to fix cable ties to surfaces such as walls or panels, and are a reliable way of managing systems. They accommodate cable ties of different widths and are available in different designs and sizes. They are ideal for securing multiple cables in one place, for example when the wires are running along a wall, and the type of cable tie mount used will depend on the cables being secured and the surface they are being attached to.

How to use a cable tie mount

Cable tie bases can be secured with a self-adhesive backing or with a screw. Once the mount is in position, a cable tie is threaded through the eyelets of the mount. Position the cable/s in the channel that runs down the middle of the mount before wrapping the cable tie around the cable/s and securing. Any excess can then be removed.

What are cable tie mounts made from?

At cableties-online, all our cable tie mounts are made from nylon 6/6 or marine grade 316 stainless steel.

Nylon cable tie mounts

With the same qualities as our nylon 6/6 cable ties, nylon cable tie mounts offer good resistance to fire and chemicals, corrosion and erosion. A stable product, nylon is durable and long lasting, and has been shown to be sustainable.  

Stainless steel cable tie mounts

Made from marine grade 316 stainless steel, our stainless-steel cable tie bases/cradles offer a working temperature range of -80°C - +538°C making them ideal for use in extreme environmental conditions. Strong and durable, stainless steel cable tie mounts are used in a wide range of heavy industries.

Types of cable tie mount

We supply several types of cable tie mount, suitable for a range of applications both domestic and commercial.

Cable tie bases

Our self-adhesive cable tie bases are available in natural or black and are supplied in a choice of four sizes for cable ties up to 9.0mm. Where extra security is required, the bases can be secured with a screw.

Cable tie cradles

Nylon cable tie cradles, also known as saddle mounts, are secured in place with a screw through a pre-drilled hole. Available in small, medium and large, cable tie cradles are suitable for securing cable ties up to 12.7mm.

Cable tie eyelets

Perfect for securing small cables in confined spaces, cable tie eyelets are screwed into position via a pre-drilled hole. Supplied in either natural or black, cable tie eyelets are designed for use with cable ties up to 4.8mm.

Cable tie masonry mounts

As indicated by their name, nylon cable tie masonry mounts are designed for use in materials such as wood, chipboard, plasterboard and brick. Two sizes of mount are available for use with cable ties up to 9.0mm.

Cable tie marker plates

The versatile nylon cable tie marker plate is designed for use with cable ties up to 4.8mm in width and can be used in both horizontal and vertical positions.

Stainless steel cable tie bases/cradles

Heavy-duty stainless-steel cable tie bases/cradles are available with 4mm and 6mm holes for use with cable ties up to 10mm. Fire and corrosion resistant, these bases/cradles can be used indoors and out and are particularly suited to hazardous conditions.

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