Signboard fixing ideas

Signboard fixing ideas

Originally trading as EA Fixings (Estate Agents Fixings), Cableties-online supplies signboard fixings to estate agents for ‘For Sale’ and ‘To Let’ boards.

Today, our range includes fixings for a variety of boards and other advertising materials, including banners.

When it comes to displaying boards, we offer three types of fixings:

Estate agents’ flag posts allow banners and boards to be displayed along one edge, similarly to a flag (hence the name). Our flag posts are available in a variety of colours but can also be supplied finished in a Pantone referenced colour to match your existing advertising if required. The flag posts come in packs of two, with prices starting from £45.04 per pack.

Estate agents’ ‘T’ posts are positioned down the middle on one side of your board. Available in the same range of colours as our flag posts, the ‘T’ posts can also be colour-matched to your requirements, and are supplied in packs of two. Prices start from £42.70.

Estate agents’ hangman posts are produced from spruce and fir trees sourced from sustainable, FFC approved forests. The kiln-dried posts are available individually, ready to use or paint.

All our posts can be used in conjunction with our signboard support stakes to ensure they do not spin in windy conditions.

When displaying signs and posters that do not require installation, our range of tapes contains everything you need. The double-sided foam tape can tolerate moisture and chemicals and is ideal for creating displays on uneven surfaces.

For temporary signs and banners, our nylon 6/6 cable ties offer the perfect solution, at a cost-effective price. Attaching banners to fences, railings or scaffolding has never been easier and our releasable cable ties will make taking the banner down at the end of an event, easy too.

For permanent signage installation, screw fixings are the perfect choice. Our range includes roofing and timber screws, as well as wall plugs, drill bits and screwdriver bits.

There is a variety of circumstances that require signs to be displayed; from one-off events like pop-up sales, occasional events like house lettings, and permanent installations, for example business name signage, your choice of fixings needs to be suitable for the situation. Once you have considered the length of time your sign needs to be on display and the material it is made from, you will find everything to help you install it in our signboard fixings department. If you need help or advice on the best way to install your sign, our experienced staff is happy to help and can recommend the fixings you need. We can be contacted by phone on 01623 706241 or by email at