Rapstrap – why the Dragons loved it

Rapstrap – why the Dragons loved it

The Rapstrap is a flexible, releasable, reusable cable tie, but what are its connection to Dragons’ Den? We take a look at this innovative and groundbreaking, next-generation cable tie.

The history of the Rapstrap

In 2004, Andy Harsley from Grantham in Lincolnshire, developed the Rapstrap as an alternative to the traditional cable tie or zip tie. Four years later, he presented his idea in Dragons’ Den, a television programme that gives aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to pitch their product to a group of successful business men and women, in the hope of securing financial investment and business support.

Andy was successful in his pitch to the Dragons, securing an investment of £150,000 in his product, from James Caan and Duncan Bannatyne, and within weeks of their investment, the business received an order for one billion units, a deal that would be worth £36m over three years! So, what was it about the Rapstrap that attracted such a substantial investment?

The eco-credentials of the Rapstrap

As the world moves towards a more sustainable future, and we try to live a more environmentally-aware lifestyle, cable ties such as the Rapstrap can play a big part, thanks to its eco-features.

  • The original Rapstrap is manufactured from elasticated polyurethane containing at least 30% recycled materials.
  • Its cellular design allows stretch of up to 50%, which results in much less waste, as you only use what you need, and off-cuts can be used as further ties.
  • The releasable latching cell construction means too that the ties can be used several times, again reducing wastage.
  • Polyurethane Rapstraps can be recycled along with PVC products such as cables and vinyl flooring, where facilities exist. 

How the Rapstrap works

The Rapstrap is looped around the item to be tied and a tongue is inserted through the holes in the strap and tightened to the desired length. ‘Hooks’ on the tie lock together to secure the Rapstrap and any excess can be cut off and used to tie other items. If the tongue is fed back through the hole, however, the Rapstrap will be released, allowing it to be reused.

With no sharp edges, the Rapstrap is ideal for use on delicate items that could easily become damaged, and they are a great solution in the garden where they can support delicate and tender plants that need to be tied to canes and other structures.

Of course, the Rapstrap is not suited to every situation requiring a cable tie, but using them where appropriate will reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfill.

The Rapstrap from cableties-online

At cableties-online, we are authorised suppliers of the Rapstrap which we supply in tear off sheets of 6 ties. Each tie measures 300mm in length and can replace up to 5 traditional ties. The Rapstrap offers a loop strength of 12kg and has a recommended working temperature range of -20C to 60C. They are available in black which are UV stabilised and ideal for garden use, as well as natural.

To find out how you can reduce your plastic waste, give our experienced sales team a call on 01623 412160, where they will be happy to chat about your requirements. Alternatively, we can be reached by email at any time.