A guide to reusable cable ties

A guide to reusable cable ties

How do reusable cable ties work and are they any good? And how do you release a reusable cable tie? Read on for the answer to all these questions and more!

What are reusable cable ties?

The more versatile cousin of the single use, nylon cable tie, reusable cable ties are designed specifically to be used several times, making them a sustainable solution for a variety of applications. With the same tensile strength of their single-use counterparts, reusable cable ties have to be durable to enable them to be used multiple times without compromise.

Types of reusable cable ties

At cableties-online, our releasable cable ties are manufactured from nylon 6/6 and are available in widths up to 9.00mm and lengths up to 780mm. Available in a choice of six colours, our releasable cable ties feature a tab release mechanism with the 7.6mm option having a button release.

We are also authorised suppliers of the Rapstrap, which first appeared in 2008 on ‘Dragons’ Den’. A fully flexible, releasable cable tie, the Rapstrap will stretch up to 50% thanks to its cellular design made from elasticated polyurethane. The Rapstrap is supplied in tear off sheets, with each sheet made up of 6 ties, each 300mm in length. An individual Rapstrap can replace up to 5 traditional cable ties. The absence of sharp edges makes the Rapstrap soft enough for use in delicate situations including securing young plants to support canes in the garden. 

How strong are reusable cable ties?

Releasable nylon cable ties offer the same tensile strength of a single use tie, which is measured according to the width of the cable tie. Our narrowest releasable cable tie, at 3.6mm wide has a strength of 18.2kg. This rises to 22.2kg for a width of 4.8mm, 54.4kg for 7.6mm and 79.4kg for our widest tie (9.0mm). Tensile strength is the measurement in kilograms of the weight that a cable tie will tolerate before breaking e.g. a cable tie with a tensile strength of 79.4kg cannot safely bear weights in excess of this without breaking. By comparison, the Rapstrap is supplied in sheets of 6 with each sheet measuring 10mm wide by 300mm long; the tensile strength of an individual Rapstrap is 12kg.

How do reusable cable ties work?

Depending on the width of the cable tie, the pawl of a nylon 6/6 reusable cable tie will be fitted with either a nylon tab or a button catch, which can be released manually. When the catch has been released, the teeth of the tie no longer bite into the head and the tie can be opened. The Rapstrap features a unique quick-release system which allows it to be released by simply pulling on one end. The tie can then be reused.

What are reusable cable ties used for?

Reusable cable ties are the perfect solution for temporary fastening needs, where bundles of items can be added to or removed, quickly and easily, with the following being a small example of situations where a reusable cable tie would be invaluable:

  • Cable management in the home or office
  • Installation of temporary signage/banners
  • Securing plants that will grow in size over time and where a single use tie could cause damage
  • Transient exhibitions and art installations
  • Removals where items need to be secured for set lengths of time

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