Eco-friendly cable ties

Eco-friendly cable ties

While the majority of plastic cable ties are not known for their eco-friendly credentials, there are some that are more sustainable than the traditional, single-use nylon cable tie.

Releasable cable ties

Releasable cable ties can be used several times, which makes them a more versatile and sustainable option for many applications. The nature of their construction means that releasable cable ties are the perfect solution for any temporary fastening requirements.

The pawl of the cable tie features a button catch or nylon tab which can be released. This will stop the teeth biting into the head and the cable tie can be reopened. 

Releasable cable ties will let you add or remove wires to an existing bundle and they can be used to secure cable that has been shortened temporarily, for example when managing cables in the office.

Available in a wide range of lengths, widths and colours, our releasable cable ties have a working temperature of -40°C to 85°C and as they are manufactured form high grade nylon 6/6, they offer the same tensile strength of a standard cable ties and our blog, How strong are cable ties has more information on this.


Known for its innovative design, the Rapstrap was originally developed in 2004, but came into the public eye via ‘Dragons’ Den’ in 2008. This releasable cable tie is fully flexible and its green credentials are impressive. Containing at least 30% recycled material, the Rapstrap is made from elasticated polyurethane and features a cellular design, allowing it to stretch up to 50%.

With no sharp edges or snagging sides, the Rapstrap can be used on softer or delicate items that could deform or damage, and are ideal for use in the garden with tender plants and canes. The releasable latching cell can be used multiple times and, once cut to size, any offcuts can be used as further ties, rendering them waste-reducing. 

We supply the Rapstrap in tear off sheets of 6 ties, 300mm in length, with a single Rapstrap replacing up to 5 traditional cable ties, depending on the size and nature of the application.

Rapstraps may also be recycled where facilities exist, with general PVC products such as vinyl flooring.

With so many more of us trying consciously to live a more sustainable lifestyle, the use of cable ties like the Rapstrap or our releasable option, makes sense. Of course, there are many situations where it will not be possible to use them but where we can, we can be sure that we are contributing to far fewer plastic products ending up in landfill unnecessarily.

Our helpful staff will be happy to advise you on the best cable tie solution for your needs and can be contacted via email at or between office hours on 01623 706241.