How cable ties can help with new year projects

How cable ties can help with new year projects

There can’t be many people who survive the festive period without having a ‘to do’ list for the new year!

Even given the recent extended periods of national lockdown, where the world and his wife concentrated on DIY jobs and home improvements, there will still be the odd job that can be dealt with once the Christmas decorations have been packed away.

Here, we will give you the run down on some of the most common new year projects around the home and show you how the humble cable tie can help you along the way.

Pack Christmas away

Anyone with an artificial Christmas tree will know that it never goes back into its original box without a fight! Simply secure with cable ties to keep errant branches under control, allowing you to pack it away neatly. Strands of decorative beads and lengths of tinsel can also be kept together with a cable tie and never have to unravel your tree lights again if you secure them neatly with a tie as well!

Organise the utility room

If you have items to hang from hooks but no way of hanging them, a small, nylon cable tie will do the trick. Simply threading a tie through the loop at the end of the broom, mop etc. will allow you to hang multiple items from a single hook, saving on precious space.

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Organise your garage

The garage is so much more than somewhere to park the car and often, the car can be found on the street while the garage has been turned into a storage room or even a workshop. Simply attach a peg board to the wall and then attach storage containers e.g. jars, cans and bottles to it with cable ties. Similarly tools can be attached to a backing board by means of releasable cable ties for ease of use. And of course miscellaneous cables can be tidied away neatly!

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Get the garden spring ready

The new year is a great opportunity to sort out those winter beds and borders in preparation for the new season ahead. Tie in climbers to supports with a cable tie and get fruit cages ready by attaching fresh netting to the framework with ties. Hanging baskets can be attached to fencing or railings too!

If you don’t have much outdoor space, think vertically. Flower pots can be secured to drainpipes and railings with large, wider cable ties to give you extra interest and colour outdoors.

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Create more space in your wardrobe

Too many hangers and not enough hanging space? Don’t despair! Simply attach a cable tie around the hanging pole in your wardrobe, turn the hooks on your hangers through 90° and hang several through the cable tie. You can instantly create up to 4 times the hanging capacity of your wardrobe.

Organise the playroom

Wire storage baskets or wire desk trays can be cable tied together in a stack to make a cost effective storage unit for paper or toys. Plastic crates can be cable tied together to form modular storage that can be added to as required. Visual labels can be attached to the front of storage cubes with cable ties to make it easier for younger children to know what is inside.

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Cable ties may have been developed originally to keep miles of cabling together and tidy on aircraft, but today the practical applications for them around the home are endless. From small nylon ties that make fantastic key rings, to larger, heaver ties that will support the weight of tools, our extensive range is available online now. Simply call 01623 706241 today.