Uses for cable ties: from the obvious to the not so obvious!

Uses for cable ties: from the obvious to the not so obvious!

As the name implies, a cable tie is normally used to secure bundles of cable together. However, there are some other, rather novel uses for them that you may not have thought of. Here are a few of our favourites!

1.   Securing cables together - this has to occupy the top spot as it is after all what they were created to do!

2.   In the garden – cable ties are perfect for attaching unruly plants and climbers to fences and trellises.

3.   In the kitchen garden – as fruit and vegetable crops grow taller, cable tie them to stakes to train them.

4.   Suitcase safety – make sure your baggage isn’t tampered with by joining the zip pulls together with a cable tie.

5.   Child-proof your home – keep little ones safe from cleaning products and other household items that can be hazardous by securing cupboard doors with cable ties. Alternatively, safeguard breakables and precious objects in inaccessible cupboards too.

6.   Add extra grip to your bicycle – cable ties applied around your bike tyres will convert them quickly and cheaply to cope with snow or icy conditions.

7.      Cable tie empty boxes together to create a cheap organiser for your garage or craft  room and never lose a screw or button again!

8.      Do you struggle to find the correct key on a bunch? Or do you have too many bunches?  Add coloured cable ties for quick and easy identification.

9.      When posting small, loose items, cable tie them together to keep them safe and free from damage.

10. Last, but possibly our favourite on this list – sink unclogger! A long, flexible cable tie inserted down a plug hole will unblock it, without the need for chemicals.