Cable tie accessories for electricians

Cable tie accessories for electricians

At cableties-online, we supply so much more than our name implies! Our extensive range of cable ties is complemented by a wide choice of cable tie accessories. Here, we look at those of particular interest to electricians.

Printed cable ties

While not exactly an accessory, our printed cable ties deserve a place in a blog post for electricians! As part of our core range of pre-printed cable ties, we carry stocks of phase marking cable ties that carry the industry-recognised notations for identifying live circuits and neutral wires. Made from superior nylon 6/6, these ties comply with all UK Wiring Regs and have been approved by all UK energy companies. More information can be found in Printed cable ties for electricians, where you can find out about our printed utility cables too.

Heat shrink tubing

A popular and versatile accessory that electricians use for electrical insulation as well as a method of electrical cable identification. The heat shrink tubing provides cables with a rigid protection that insulates against moisture and dust, while providing electricians with a colour coded means for identifying wires and cabling. Our complete guide to heat shrink tubing will explain more about heat shrink tubing, adhesive lined heat shrink tubing, and shrink ratios. 

Cable sleeving

Cable sleeving will offer protection in cable management systems, protecting wiring against extreme temperatures and damage from scratching. It requires no application of heat (unlike heat shrink tubing), and is supplied as PVC sleeving in four colour options or as braided expandable cable sleeving manufactured from flexible PET. Cable sleeving - everything you need to know tells you more.

Conduit and spiral wrap

Indispensable to the jobbing electrician, conduit and spiral wrap are used to protect and route wires. Both also have a domestic application and are popular for containing tangled cables and covering up wires or cables behind home entertainment centres and work desks to maintain a neat and tidy appearance that is also safe. Our polypropylene flexible conduit can be ordered in split or non-split options, while our spiral wrap is made from polyethylene with an internal diameter up to 130mm.

Electrical tape

Used in electrical phasing and wiring jobs to insulate and protect any wires that conduct electricity, electrical tape is a generic term for an adhesive tape which is available in various forms. Types of electrical tape include cloth, mastic, vinyl, rubber and PVC electrical tape. Our PVC tape is ideal for use in low voltage applications and is well-suited to outdoor use.  Our article Is PVC tape the same as electrical tape? tells you lots more about electrical tape and its alternatives.

Accessories for electricians from cableties-online

Our range of electrical supplies online includes many more accessories for electricians, including electrical connectors and terminals (our Guide to electrical connectors and How to use electrical connectors and terminals are both useful reads), and we also carry a line of Coast Torches which includes clip on torches and handy head torches.   

Our experience helps us to understand the needs of the independent electrician and, with no minimum order spend, and free delivery on orders over £50, we are confident we have everything you need. For more information, call us on 01623 412160 or email us at and our experienced sales team will be happy to help.