Cable sleeving - everything you need to know

Cable sleeving - everything you need to know

What is cable sleeving? Are there different types of cable sleeving and how do you use a cable sleeve? Our guide has the answer to all these questions and more.

What is cable sleeving?

Similar to heat shrink tubing, cable sleeving is used to protect wiring, and it is used in cable management systems. It insulates wires against damage from extremes of temperature and also abrasion, but does not require the application of heat to be installed.  

Types of cable sleeving

At cableties-online, we supply PVC cable sleeving in black, blue, brown and green/yellow. We also supply braided expandable cable sleeving in black, which is made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate).

What is PVC cable sleeving?

PVC cable sleeving is a durable and versatile choice for a variety of applications. Manufactured from reinforced thermoplastic, PVC sleeving is flexible and resistant to kinking. It has an operating temperature range between ¯20°C - +80°C and is water, oil and fuel resistant.

Applications for PVC cable sleeving

PVC cable sleeving is used throughout many industries, including the chemical, pharmaceutical and medical industries, and in the manufacture of appliances. In the motor industry, PVC cable sleeving is used to secure and coordinate the wiring in engines. As it is available in a choice of colours, it can also be used for cable identification.

Benefits of PVC cable sleeving

Its resistance to corrosion and chemicals means that PVC cable sleeving will minimise wear and tear while also protecting against abrasion. Its flexibility makes it the ideal solution for use in awkward spaces where it can be adjusted to fit.

What is braided expandable cable sleeving?

Our braided expandable cable sleeving is made from flexible PET, which is beneficial in protecting wire from heat. The sleeving has an operating temperature range of ¯50°C - +150°C and is available in black only.

Applications for braided expandable cable sleeving

The expandable feature of this type of cabling makes it ideal for automated equipment and machine tools and as a cable management sleeve when bundling cables and wire harnessing. As well as its uses in industrial applications such as electronics, braided expandable cable sleeving is also used domestically to tidy cables in TVs, home entertainment systems and computers.

Benefits of braided expandable cable sleeving

Braided expandable cable sleeving is the perfect choice when environmental factors need to be considered, as it offers excellent resistance to chemicals and solvents. It also offers UV and abrasion resistance, making it suitable for outdoor use. Lightweight and flexible the sleeving is self-extinguishing and expands up to 1.5 X its original dimensions, allowing multiple wires to be bundled while maintaining the flexibility of the sleeving. The cabling has an open weave construction which makes it quick and easy to install and facilitates heat dissipation.

If you have any questions about our range of cable sleeving, we are always happy to help. If you’re not sure which cable sleeving solution will be the better choice for your project, we can be contacted by phone on 01623 706241 or via email at