What every electrician should carry in their toolbox

What every electrician should carry in their toolbox

Tools such as pliers, drills, screwdrivers and test meters are a given when we think about an electrician’s toolbox so here, we examine the accessories you should have in your kit to help you work safely and efficiently.

PVC insulation tape

An essential in every electrician’s toolkit, PVC insulation tape is a type of electrical tape used for wiring and phasing work. For use in temperatures as low as -45°C, it is therefore ideal for outdoor jobs and is available in mixed colour packs to help wire differentiation.

Cable ties

Originally developed for the bundling of cables and wiring in aircraft, cable ties are indispensable to the electrician. They can be used to fasten wires together to create more organised and safer bundles and coloured cable ties can be used to identify different wires. Our range of nylon cable ties includes marker cable ties, screw mount cable ties and double loop cable ties. Metal cable ties are also available for heavy duty work. 


Electricians use connectors to easily connect wires together and they can be used for cables, wiring devices, and telephone lines.

Terminal block

Used for terminating an individual wire or for making a connection with another circuit. Terminal blocks ensure that wires are connected securely.


Inevitably, electricians will work in poorly lit places and a good torch will allow them to carry out their work safely. Coast torches are available as handheld torches or as head torches, which allow electricians to continue the job with both hands free.

Heat shrink tubing

Used for electrical insulation, heat shrink tubing is plastic tubing that provides a rigid, protective coating when heat is applied. Our guide to heat shrink tubing explains the different types available and talks through the shrink ratio of the tubing.


Used to route and protect wiring in electrical installations, conduit is used to protect exposed or surface-mounted wiring from external damage. Sold by the metre length, conduit is available in a variety of diameter sizes. A conduit and spiral wrap tool is also available.

Cable glands

A staple of any electrical kit, cable glands attach electrical cables to equipment, protecting and supporting the connections. Available in brass and nylon, both in a variety of sizes.

Self amalgamating tape

Designed to seal, repair and protect electrical joints, self amalgamating tape is a non-adhesive silicone rubber tape. With a choice of lengths and widths, this is ideal for outdoor applications.

Warning tape

Used to warn of the presence of electrical cables below the soil, Caution Electric Cable Below tape is brightly coloured for visibility, non-toxic and it will not degrade over time.

Phase marking cable ties

These are nylon cable ties hot foil printed with industry recognised markings in line with UK wiring regulations or ‘regs’. Phase marking cable ties are used for metering and in electrical installations for cable identification.

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