Are reusable cable ties any good?

Are reusable cable ties any good?

Releasable, reusable cable ties are the perfect answer to temporary cable bundling requirements, but are they any good? Our latest guide takes a look!

Since the 1950s, the nylon cable tie has played an indisputable part in a variety of industrial, commercial and domestic applications, but with our increasing awareness of environmental issues and the disadvantages of single-use plastic, the reusable cable tie is growing in popularity.

Single use cable ties versus reusable cable ties

Single use nylon cable ties are manufactured from nylon 6/6. They have a ratchet/head design which creates a secure hold around cables and wires and are available in a variety of lengths and widths; the widest nylon cable tie offers a tensile strength of 114kg. These cable ties are designed to be used once.

Reusable cable ties are designed to be used multiple times and feature either a tab release mechanism or a button release in the 7.6mm width option. Offering the same tensile strength as a single use tie of the same size, a releasable cable tie is durable enough to withstand being used numerous times.

Features of a reusable cable tie

Manufactured from nylon 6/6.

Available in 7 lengths, 4 widths, and 6 colours.

Tensile strength up to 79.4kg.

Working temperature range of -40°C to 85°C.

How a reusable cable tie works

Reusable cable ties use a trigger release and, depending on the width of the cable tie, this will be either a nylon tab or a nylon button catch. The trigger release mechanism holds cables securely until it is manually released. When the trigger release mechanism is released, the cable tie serrations release the head and the tie can be loosened and removed. The tie can then be reused. 

Uses for a reusable cable tie

Perfect for situations where you may need to add or remove a cable from a bundle, reusable cable ties can be used for office cable management, home entertainment system cable management, the temporary installation of banners and signage, and in the garden for tying in climbing plants. 

The Rapstrap

A form of reusable cable tie, the Rapstrap was first seen on the television programme, Dragon’s Den. An elasticated product, the Rapstrap has a quick release system, allowing it to be undone quickly and then reused. Its elasticated polyurethane construction makes the Rapstrap ideal for use with delicate plants and vegetables.

Reusable cable ties from cableties-online

Our reusable cable ties are available in four widths from 3.6mm to 9.0mm, and are offered in a choice of lengths up to 450mm and six popular colours. We also supply the Rapstrap in tear off sheets of 6 ties, each measuring 300mm. Offering a working temperature range of -20C to 60C, the Rapstrap comes in natural and UV stabilised black.

In today’s world where we all need to reduce the amount of plastic waste we produce, the reusable cable tie and the Rapstrap offer the perfect solution. If you have any questions about the best cable tie for your next project, our experienced sales team is on hand to help over the telephone on 01623 412160 or via email at