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0527 - Extra Slim

4.8mm x 275mm
soft polyurethane
black, natural or green
58 cells
12kg max load
trade bags of 48
supplied in tear-off sheets of 12


Rapstrap i

Tie 275mm x 4.8mm
Item description Price per pack of 4800

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Total price £899.00

Product Detail

We are an official UK Distributor for Rapstrap - as featured on Dragons Den!

rapstrap i-Tie is our second generation waste-reducing tie strip. It is currently available in 5mm and 6mm sizes and from a variety of materials. Please note that not all versions are stock items and some are made to order. (MOQs may apply.)


The i-Tie was specifically designed to utilise a wide range of materials by employing an internal latching system. This makes it less stretchy than our Classic 1030 rapstrap and more suitable for applications that require a firmer grip.


Like the Classic, the i-Tie design is self-terminating, and this allows unused portions to be simply cut off and used again. A single strap can therefore provide several ties, greatly reducing waste: Simply fit, cut, and repeat until the whole strap is used up.


i-Tie also features a unique super-quick release mechanism - no other tie strip is as fast or convenient to remove and reuse! Just pull the tail end and it comes undone, ready for reuse.


Our standard polyurethane rapstrap i-Ties are available ex-stock (black, natural or green). Other colours may be available subject to MOQs.