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1030 - Extra Stretchy

10mm x 300mm
soft polyurethane
black, natural or green
40 cells
12kg max load

Each pack containers 48 ties - 8 tear-off sheets of 6.

Soft and flexible design Controllable tension - pull to required grip. Can be released and reused if required Can be double-looped for use on plants & canes Reinforced rear cells.

Product Detail

We are an official UK Distributor for Rapstrap - as featured on Dragons Den! Rapstrap Classic The Classic uses an externally latched cellular design that maximises elongation. The strap can be looped through any of the cells, which means Classic rapstraps can be easily interwoven or connected together as required. This makes it a far more versatile tying solution than a conventional nylon cable tie. Made from a premium polyurethane material, the Classic 1030 (10 x 300mm) is our original elasticated product, and offers up to 50% stretch whilst providing up to 12kg of loop strength.

Each pack containers 48 ties - 8 tear-off sheets of 6.

Width 10mm Length (as moulded) 300mm Thickness 1.25mm No. Cells / Spacing 40 (6.5mm) Strap Weight 2.9gm Max. Loop Diameter 120mm Resistance to Fuels and Oils Excellent Avg. Ties per Strap 3-5 Approx Loop Strength 12kg Recommended Temp Range -20C to 60C UV-Stable Yes (black) Standard Colours Black, Natural, Green.

Classic rapstrap can be used as a replacement for traditional cables in many situations, and is especially suitable for tying delicate or deformable items. Amongst other applications, Classic rapstraps have been extensively used for installing high-performance cabling systems, for securing outdoor supermarket banners, and for safely packaging floral bouquets.


Supplied in convenient tear-off sheets of 6, Classic 1030 rapstraps are available ex-stock in black, green and natural. Other colours can be manufactured on request (subject to minimum order quantities).