What are UV resistant cable ties?

What are UV resistant cable ties?

For many outdoor applications cable ties need to be UV resistant, but what exactly does that mean? Here, we take a close look at UV resistant cable ties and discuss the difference between them and UV stabilised cable ties.

With prolonged and continued exposure to the UV rays of the sun, the strength of nylon 6/6 cable ties can become compromised. UV rays will ultimately break down the nylon polymers in the ties, resulting in a cable tie that is brittle and which will crack. It is vital then that in outdoor applications such as solar installations and the renewable energy industry, any cable tie used must be up for the job.

Cable ties can be heat resistant or heat stabilised and here, we look at the difference between the two.

UV stabilised cable ties

These are created by the addition of a stabiliser to the nylon resin, quite often Carbon Black, which colours the natural resin. Maximum stabilisation is achieved with a Carbon Black content of 2%. It is the addition of Carbon Black that allows the cable tie to withstand UV damage. Considered a UV absorber, Carbon Black works by converting high energy UV rays into heat before they have time to damage or compromise the nylon. UV stabilised cable ties are suitable for more prolonged exposure to outdoor conditions and can be used domestically for satellite dish installation and general garden applications and commercially in the chemical industry and in outdoor, heavy machinery such as cranes.

What are UV resistant cable ties?

UV resistant cable ties are black in colour as they, like UV stabilised cable ties, contain Carbon Black . However, in order to improve their resistance to UV rays further, these cable ties also contain a UV inhibitor to extend their lifespan.

UV resistant cable ties and UV stabilised cable ties from cableties-online

At cableties-online all our black nylon 6/6 cable ties are considered UV resistant and are suitable for limited exposure only to outdoor conditions. UV resistant black cable ties also include printed nylon cable ties in black and black releasable cable ties.

Additionally at Cableties-online, we supply a range of UV and heat stabilised cable ties. Manufactured from nylon 6/6, UV and heat stabilised cable ties are ideal for prolonged exposure to temperatures up to 120°C/250°F and are heat resistant to temperatures in excess of 65°C/150°F. Add to these qualities, a low-end working temperature of ¯40°C and our UV and heat stabilised ties are perfectly suited for permanent use outdoors in all situations.

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