Ty-Rap – a guide to the original cable tie

Ty-Rap – a guide to the original cable tie

Just like Sellotape and Hoover, Ty-Rap is a brand name that has become synonymous with the item it refers to, in this case a cable tie or zip tie. Here’s our guide to the Ty-Rap, the original cable tie.

Who invented the Ty-Rap?

The original Ty-Rap zip tie was the brainchild of Maurus C Logan, A Scottish ex-pat working for Thomas and Betts, an American electrical firm. By all accounts Logan was a quiet and unassuming man who invented cable ties in order to lighten the load for aircraft workers, whose hands were being ruined by securing aircraft wiring manually with knotted and braided nylon cord, coated in wax. 

When was the Ty-Rap invented?

It was in 1956 that Logan came across the aircraft workers while on a tour of the Boeing facility, but it would take a further two years to perfect his design and choice of materials. Finally, in June 1958, A patent was filed for “long-lasting, easy-to-use Ty-Rap cable tie”.

Why the Ty-Rap was groundbreaking

You could say that the Ty-Rap was the invention no one knew they needed. It marked a significant and critical milestone in cable management and has gone on to be used in a wide variety of applications from securing motor engine cables to bundling cables on solar power farms and the humble zip tie is also on Mars, having been used on NASA’s Perseverance Rover to secure onboard equipment.

Characteristics of the Ty-Rap zip tie

Today, more than 45 companies around the world, produce 100 billion cable ties every year, but they aren’t all Ty-Rap cable ties. So, what sets a Ty-Rap cable tie apart?

  • Manufactured from nylon 6/6, the Ty-Rap features an innovative non-magnetic stainless steel locking barb in the pawl which allows a tight, yet fully adjustable fit. The locking barb is marine grade 316 stainless steel which is corrosion resistant.
  • The body of the Ty-Rap is smooth, to reduce stress points under tension.
  • The tail end of a Ty-Rap zip tie is slightly angled for ease of handling while wearing gloves, and makes the tie easier to pick up from a flat surface.
  • The tail features a ridged surface which is easier to grip when wet and easier to tighten in the wet or cold.  
  • The ridges on the tail render the tie non-slip, which makes it easy to install.
  • The Ty-Rap is supplied in various options to suit every industry, including a heat resistant option, and options resistant to UV rays, chemicals and extremes of temperature.

The Ty-Rap zip tie today

Since their takeover of the Thomas and Betts Corporation in 2012, ABB, a Swedish-Swiss company, continues to produce the Ty-Rap as part of their ABB Installation Products Ltd. The company’s extensive range comprises over 250 varieties which meet the needs of a wide spectrum of industries.

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