Are cable ties weatherproof?

Are cable ties weatherproof?

Nylon cable ties are used in a diverse range of industries from food processing and manufacturing to the petrochemical industry, and many applications see them being used outdoors. But, just how weatherproof are cable ties? We have all the answers!

Just as our skin is affected by weather conditions, be that through exposure to extreme heat or extreme cold, so too are cable ties. Just how weatherproof a cable tie is will depend on what colour the cable tie is, what it is manufactured from and whether it has been UV and heat stabilised.

Which colour cable ties are weatherproof

At cableties-online, our nylon 6/6 cable ties are available in a wide choice of colours, including fluorescent shades. However, it is generally black cable ties that are considered to be weatherproof due to the addition of carbon black to the resin that cable ties are manufactured from.

What is carbon black?

Carbon black is a fine black powder which is a derivative of, among other things, coal, coal tar, and fuel oil that has been burned together in a limited oxygen supply. Carbon black is a UV absorber as it converts UV rays into heat before they are able to cause damage. Because of this, the carbon black colourant is used in the manufacture of cable ties where it is added to the polymer.

UV resistant cable ties

Black nylon cable ties are resistant to outdoor conditions thanks to their carbon black content and their resistance to the sun is enhanced further by the addition of a UV inhibitor to prolong their lifespan.

UV stabilised cable ties

UV stabilised cable ties are weatherproof, as they also contain carbon black which contributes directly to how weatherproof they are. Generally speaking, the higher the carbon black content, the longer a black cable tie will endure outside, so while all black cable ties are suitable for limited exposure to outdoor weather conditions and are considered ‘weatherproof’, UV stabilised, black nylon cable ties are suitable for prolonged exposure.

At cableties-online, all our black nylon cable ties (including printed cable ties and releasable cable ties) are UV resistant and suitable for limited outdoor exposure. However, we also supply UV and heat stabilised cable ties.

UV and heat stabilised cable ties

We supply a range of UV and heat stabilised cable ties which offer customers a combined resistance to UV light and heat. They are manufactured from quality nylon 6/6 and can withstand prolonged exposure to temperatures up to 120°C. Additionally, they have a working temperature range of  ¯40°C - 65°C, making them ideally suited to permanent outdoor use in any situation.

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