Buy Reisser Wood Screws Countersunk Cutter Non-Split Thread


Reisser Wood Screws 3.5 x 16mm

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Product Detail

Made from high-quality carbon steel, they are durable and reliable. Non-split thread ensures a strong and secure hold Yellow tropicalized finish adds an extra layer of protection against the elements.

Tough self-countersinking woodscrew

  • The ribs and tucks on the screws head ensures self-countersinking into all timber and board materials
  • The reinforced collar in the CUTTER head gives additional support to help prevent breakages
  • The collar also allows a wide, deep pozi to be inserted - this reduces the risk of your bit jumping out and rounding off the edges

No pilot holes needed

  • Very sharp 25 degree point with the thread running to the end allows you immediate starting - no need for you to pre-start
  • The sharp, wide and deep thread penetrate into all timbers without you needing a pilot hole
  • While an integral flute helps prevent splitting when you screw close to an edge

High torsion steel

  • Especially hardened steel gives you a wood screw that has maximum tensile and torsional strength
  • The screw has been lubricated to reduce driving resistance by up to 40 percent

Rust resistant screws

  • A yellow tropicalised coating gives you 20 times more rust resistance than a standard BZP screw
  • Each batch of Ressier’s woodscrews has been quality check to provide you with a consistent level of quality