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Small Masonry Mounts:
Suits Hole Size 6mm
For use with cable ties up to 4.8mm.

Large Masonry Mounts:
Suits Hole Size 8mm
For use with cable ties up to 9.0mm.

Cable Tie Masonry Mounts (Large) 9mm

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Total price £4.25

Product Detail

Available in Natural or Black

The cable tie masonry mount is used to secure cable ties to a wall, Fix by drilling a 6mm diameter hole for use in soft materials i.e wood, chipboard, plasterboard etc... and an 8mm hole in hard materials such as brick etc...

Technical Data

  • Material Nylon Nylon 66
  • Working Temperature Range -40°C to 85°C
  • UL Flammability Rating UL94
  • Oxygen Index 25% - 28%
  • Water Absorption (24 hrs) 1.3%
  • Smoke Density Flaming 35, Non Flaming 13