What are metal detectable cable ties and what are they used for?

What are metal detectable cable ties and what are they used for?

We stock variations of traditional cable ties, in the form of printed nylon cable ties and metal detectable cable ties. Here, we look closely at metal detectable cable ties and what they are used for.

What are metal detectable cable ties?

Metal detectable cable ties are blue nylon cable ties that have been manufactured using a process that involves the inclusion of an iron oxide additive. The metal content is dispersed throughout the entire length of the cable tie, rendering it detectable by metal detectors and standard X-ray inspection equipment.

Features and benefits of blue metal detectable cable ties

Metal content – the metal content of the cable tie runs through the whole of the cable tie. This enables even the smallest fragment of the cable tie to be detected by standard detection equipment.

Nylon 6/6 – manufactured from UL approved nylon 6/6 94V-2, our metal detectable cable ties have an operating temperature range of ¯25°C to 65°C and are completely non-toxic, recyclable and halogen-free.

Blue colour – the distinctive and vibrant bright-blue colour is common in many industry practices, and makes visual detection quick and easy in situations where there is a risk of contamination. As the colour blue does not occur naturally in most food products, the blue can be seen easily, especially on conveyor belts which are usually white.

Applications for metal detectable cable ties

In certain processing industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, and food manufacture, there are very stringent safety restrictions in place. The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points principles (HACCP) govern the safety procedures in food manufacturing. As metal detectable cable ties can be detected by a variety of methods (metal detectors, X-ray equipment, and visual detection), they enable manufacturers in these industries to comply to relevant regulations by reducing product contamination and potential recalls. Metal detectable cable ties are therefore ideal for plant installation, machine cabling and maintenance in manufacturing industries, and are a preventative measure to identify and remove hazards, and contamination from overhead cabling.  

Metal detectable cable ties from Cableties-online

At Cableties-online, our metal detectable cable ties are available in a choice of seven lengths from 10mm to 380mm and a choice of four widths from 2.5mm to 7.5mm. They are supplied in individual packs of 100 cable ties and in boxes of multiple packs.

Our entire range of cable ties can be seen here but, if you are involved in the manufacturing industry and you feel that metal detectable cable ties would be of benefit to your business, our friendly sales team is available to help and advise. Please contact us by email at sales@cableties-online.co.uk or call the team on 01623 412160 during normal business hours.  Or, if you would like to learn more about The benefits of metal detectable cable ties for food manufacture, our blog has lots of useful information.