Stainless steel cable ties – how to use them and how to tighten them

Stainless steel cable ties – how to use them and how to tighten them

Our latest guide to stainless steel cable ties examines how to use them and how to cut them and, most importantly, how to tighten them safely.

What is a stainless steel cable tie?

Serving exactly the same purpose as nylon 6/6 cable ties, stainless steel cable ties are manufactured from marine grade 316 stainless steel, making them perfectly suited to conditions where weather-, corrosion- and chemical-resistance is required. Stainless steel cable ties offer a wide working temperature range (-80°C to +538°C) and unequalled strength (up to 160kg, depending on the size of tie) and so are used where strength and fire resistance is needed. Stainless steel cable ties are also available with an epoxy resin coating or a PVC coating, ideal for use with galvanised steel, where strength and reduced abrasion are necessary.

When to use stainless steel cable ties

Stainless steel and coated stainless steel cable ties are used to bundle a variety of cables, wires and heavy assemblies in severe temperatures and the most extreme environmental conditions. They are used in a range of domestic and commercial settings including, but not restricted to, the automotive, electronics and transportation industries.

How to use stainless steel cable ties

Unlike a nylon cable tie which features a ridged surface that creates a locking barb, a stainless steel cable tie is completely smooth, which makes them difficult to grip. Metal ties have a self-locking, roller ball mechanism which require less strength when securing them. However, although they can be installed by hand, it can be difficult to secure them as tightly as required. In such cases, a pair of pliers can be used to pull the end of the tie.   

Stainless steel cable tie tension tools

Being made from metal, stainless steel cable ties cannot simply be cut with scissors, although for the odd, individual tie, tin snips or pliers could be used. When installing metal cable ties, a specialist stainless steel cable tie tool is always recommended. These are designed to automatically adjust the tension of the cable tie and cut the excess off at the same time. At cableties-online, we stock two tension tools for stainless steel cable ties; the installation tool for stainless steel cable ties and the heavy duty tool for stainless steel cable ties, both of which are available individually or in multiples of 10. Manufactured from top quality metal to give long service, both tools will tighten and cut to leave a clean finish, and both are suitable for prolonged, volume use.

Stainless steel cable ties from cableties-online

Our stainless steel cable ties, epoxy resin coated ties and PVC coated ties are all available in a choice of two widths and in lengths up to 1000mm. Additionally we also supply metal detectable cable ties. These are nylon ties with an evenly spread metal content throughout the length of the tie that can be detected by X ray equipment and metal detectors. They are used in the food manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries where product contamination must be avoided. 

For all enquiries about stainless steel cable ties or any of our cable tie tension tools, email us at or call our friendly sales staff on 01623 412160.