cable ties for outdoor use

Cable ties for outdoor use

There’s no doubt that the applications for cable ties are numerous and the breadth of industries that use them diverse. But, can you use cable ties outside and are cable ties weather resistant? This helpful guide has all the answers.

No one underestimates the importance of choosing the right cable tie for the job in hand, after all you wouldn’t want to secure a heavy load with a thin nylon cable tie (read why tensile strength is important when buying cable ties), and choosing cable ties for outdoor use is no exception.

At cableties-online, we supply a range of UV resistant and UV stabilised cable ties that are suitable for use outdoors, as well as stainless steel cable ties, and here we explain the difference.

UV resistant cable ties

As the name suggests, these cable ties are resistant to the sun’s ultra violet (UV) rays, making them suitable for general use outdoors, such as securing tender or climbing fruit and flowers to supports in the garden. Black nylon 6/6 ties contain carbon black, a pigment which slows down the natural fading process and contributes to a cable tie’s level of UV resistance. Black nylon cable ties are therefore suitable for limited outdoor exposure. Our black nylon cable ties are available in a choice of lengths and widths.

UV stabilised cable ties

UV stabilised cable ties contain a chemical compound which protects them against UV damage and gives them the highest level of UV protection. We offer UV and heat stabilised cable ties in black and natural which have an operating temperature range of -40°C to +120°C. Suitable for direct exposure to high levels of ultraviolet rays, our full range can be seen here.

Uses for UV stabilised cable ties

Domestically, UV stabilised cable ties are useful in the installation of satellite dishes, and for securing garden hoses. They can also be used for organising outdoor leads and cables and for securing outdoor patio lighting.

Commercially, industries that operate plant machinery in outdoor locations, such as farming and construction take advantage of the properties of UV stabilised cable ties. Other industries, including aerospace and chemical, benefit from the thermal endurance offered and the heavy duty options available.

Stainless steel cable ties

Our stainless steel cable ties are manufactured from the highest quality, marine-grade 316 stainless steel and have a working temperature range of -80°C to +538°C. This, together with their ability to endure under extreme weather conditions while remaining corrosion free, means they will not degrade through outdoor use or prolonged UV exposure.

Cable ties for outdoor use from cableties-online

With a client base created over 15 years, cableties-online supply quality products to the industrial and domestic markets, and our experienced sales team can help with any enquiries. If you are scoping an outdoor project and need help with the choice of appropriate cable tie, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone on 01623 412160 or by email at, where our staff will be happy to help and advise.