Buy Releasable Cable Ties Black 300mm 4.8mm

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  • Material Nylon 66
  • Working Temperature Range -40°C to 85°C
  • UL Flammability Rating UL94
  • Oxygen Index 25% - 28%
  • Water Absorption (24 hrs) 1.3%
  • Smoke Density Flaming 35, Non Flaming 13


Releasable Cable Ties 300mm x 4.8mm

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180000+ cable ties

Total price £4.60

Product Detail

Our releasable cable ties are available in a choice of 6 colours and will remain securely fastened until deliberately released. Both the tab release and the button release (7.6mm width only) allow the cable tie to be reopened so that wires can be added to, or removed from, an existing bundle. These are the perfect answer to any temporary fastening requirements.

TYPE A: Tab Release
3.6mm, 4.8mm & 9.0mm

TYPE B: Button Release


Saves on costs and wastage as can be re-used.