Buy Cable Tie Bases Black 28mm x 28mm

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19mm Bases:
For use with cable ties up to 3.6mm.

28mm Bases:
For use with cable ties up to 4.8mm.

40mm Bases:
For use with cable ties up to 9.0mm.

Cable Tie Self Adhesive Base 28mm

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Product Detail

Available in Natural or Black

Our cable tie bases (mounts) are available for use with cable ties up to 3.6mm and are offered in four different sizes and two colour options. Choose these self-adhesive bases for a fast and efficient way to attach bundles of wires or cables. Great for use in the office or home study, under desks and tables where unsightly cables can represent a health and safety issue.

Technical Data

  • Material Nylon Nylon 66
  • Working Temperature Range -40°C to 85°C
  • UL Flammability Rating UL94
  • Oxygen Index 25% - 28%
  • Water Absorption (24 hrs) 1.3%
  • Smoke Density Flaming 35, Non Flaming 13