Product Features

ATEX Zone 0 compliant
Six lighting combinations
Triple optic system
Two head bands for different applications
Gas release vent to prevent pressure build up
Drop, water and dust resistant housing
Compression closure battery compartment


II 1G Ex ia op is IIC T3 Ga
I M1 Ex ia op is I Ma

Class I, II & III, Div 1 GP A-G, T3
Class I, Zone 0, Ex&AEx ia IIC T3
IECEx BAS 18.0086

Operational Modes

Spot: 205 lumens; 14 hours run-time; 160 m beam range
Flood High: 85 lumens; 14 hours run-time; 12 m beam range
Flood Low: 30 lumens; 35 hours run-time; 7 m beam range
Spot & Flood High: 250 lumens; 6 hours run-time; 147 m beam range
Spot & Flood Low: 220 lumens; 9 hours, 30 minutes run-time; 155 m beam range

Technical Details

Type: ATEX hand torch
Operating Modes: Spot / Flood High / Flood Low / Spot + Flood High / Spot + Flood Low / Red
Luminous Flux: Up to 250 lumens (spot & flood high)
Lamp: 1 x white LED / 2 x red LEDs
Beam Range: Up to 160 m (spot)
Batteries Required: 3 x AA alkaline (Duracell MN1500)
Run Time: Up to 35 hours
Weight: 290 grams
Body Colour: Yellow and black
Body Material: Durable plastics
Switch Type: Two push buttons
Environmental: IP64 standard
Regulatory Compliance: CE / RoHS / ATEX / IECEx

Packaging and Contents

Supplied in retail packaging and includes:
Coast HZ025 ATEX LED head torch x 1
Silicone head band x 1
Helmet Clips x 4
Manual x 1


Item description Price per of



Total price £113.94

Product Detail

The HZ025 is Coast's first intrinsically safe head torch that is for use in hazardous locations and has been certified Class I, Division 1 by the North American CSA.

Class 1, Division 1 is classified as the most volatile hazardous environment. Class 1 is an environment where flammable gasses, vapors, or liquids are present; and Division 1 means the gasses or vapors are present at sufficient concentrations to be an explosion hazard. Typical Class 1 environments are oil refineries, paint warehouses, offshore oil rigs, or spray booths. Thus this product can be safely used in Zone 0 environments.

It features a central white LED and two red side LEDs that combine to provide a total of 6 different outputs that consist of spot, flood high, flood low, spot + flood high, spot + flood low and red, which are controlled via the two push buttons on the top of the torch. The red light is useful for low level lighting, preserving the users night vision and animal spotting.

The left hand button controls the spot beam and red beam, with each press cycling through spot, red and off. The right hand button controls the flood by pressing once for the high flood, a second time for the low flood and a third time to turn the flood off. The spot or red can be turned on at the same time as either flood, however the spot and red settings cannot be turned on at the same time.

The spot and flood when used together helps enhance safety as it increases the beam width and output, giving extra peripheral vision and allowing you to see your surroundings more clearly.

The head torch has a durable drop resistant housing and is coloured yellow to aid the visibility of the torch for extra safety measures. The included nylon head band is comfortable to wear on the head, with a removable to strap and an additional silicon head band is also included for use on a hard hat to keep the torch securely in place and prevent it slipping off the helmet. Alternatively the included helmet clips can be used with the nylon head band to attach to a hard hat.

The IP64 rating means that this torch is dust proof as well as water resistant and it has a built-in gas release vent to prevent internal pressure build up.

Powered by three AA alkaline batteries, the HZ025 has a run-time of up to 14 hours on the spot setting. Because of the intended use of the torch only alkaline batteries can be used with this torch and to maintain product certification you must use Duracell MN1500 AA alkaline batteries. The batteries must never be replaced while in a hazardous location and extra safety measures are in place to ensure the batteries are secure with the compression closure system to prevent accidental opening of the battery compartment.

To access the batteries while in a safe environment the plastic tool that is integrated into the top head band strap needs to be inserted into the screw of the battery pack and turned anti clockwise to loosen the screw, which then allows the end of the battery pack to be pulled out to gain access to the battery carrier. When the batteries have been replaced ensure that the screw is tightened fully to maintain the safety seal.