Which cable ties should manufacturers use?

Which cable ties should manufacturers use?

Created specifically for use within aircraft manufacturing, back in 1958, the cable tie today now plays an important role in several areas of manufacturing.

The type of cable tie chosen will vary according to the industry and here, we look at the best cable tie for different manufacturers. 

Aerospace and cable ties

With a modern passenger aircraft featuring between 70 and 300 miles of cabling, on average, it makes sense that efficient and safe cable management is an absolute must. While the appropriate cable tie is dependent on the type of cable, it is widely accepted that heat stabilised ties are necessary for their thermal endurance. Our UV and heat stabilised cable ties are available in miniature and heavy duty options.

Automotive industry and cable ties

Stainless steel ties are a primary choice for use under the bonnet where exposure to high temperatures, chemicals (petrol, oil) and weathering is a factor. However, other ties used include standard nylon 6/6 cable ties, as well as push mount cable ties.

Equipment manufacturing and cable ties

Manufacturing is a vast area, encompassing a wide variety of industries and the requirement of any cable tie employed will vary from standard, weather resistant cable ties, heat stabilised cable ties and push mount cable ties. Heavy duty stainless steel cable ties may be used to secure generator parts against vibration during transit. The heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry (HVAC) feature components, for example thermostats and coils, that will be exposed to vibration; here, the use of screw mount cable ties offers the ideal solution.

Electronics and appliances and cable ties

As the electronics and appliance industries often involve small, limited spaces, a standard nylon 6/6 cable tie is perfect, being heat resistant. Where an exceptionally strong cable tie is needed, UV and heat stabilised cable ties are a cost effective option, while releasable cable ties are perfect for temporarily gathering cables, for example in computers.

Cable ties and construction & mining

An industry where a diverse range of cable ties is used, the construction and mining sectors employ cable ties that can withstand harsh conditions as well as cable ties that are able to handle fragile cables. Our extra heavy duty cable ties, made from nylon 6/6 give a high enough tensile strength for any demanding situations while our 316 stainless steel cable ties offer resistance to corrosion and excessive temperatures.

Cable ties and the Food Industry

An overriding consideration in the food manufacturing industry is the prevention of product contamination, as this can lead to processing plants being shut down, at phenomenal cost to the manufacturer. To minimise the incidents where contamination could occur, many manufacturers now use metal detectors and X-ray equipment, in addition to visual inspections. Our range of metal detectable cable ties is indispensable in the food manufacturing industry. The cable ties are produced with an evenly spread metal content throughout which allows even the smallest fragment to be detected. Additionally, their bright blue colour allows them to be spotted quickly and easily in visual inspections.

If you are a manufacturer, looking for a supply of cable ties for your industry, our experienced sales team will be happy to advise on the best products for your specific requirements. Available to answer your trade enquiries from 08.30-16.00 Monday to Friday, we can be contacted via email or telephone.