What is Kopex?

What is Kopex?

Now part of the ABB Group, Kotex is a brand of electrical products, available from cableties-online. Our latest guide tells you everything you need to know.

The background to Kopex

Originally Uni-tubes Ltd. and founded in post-war Berkshire, UK, Kopex developed the Kopex machine. Innovative and pioneering for its time, the Kopex machine processed strip material into electrical and engineering tubing. The company was taken over in 2010 by the Thomas and Betts Company before becoming part of the ABB corporation when it took over Thomas and Betts.

Kopex today

Today, Kopex is known for its flexible electrical and data conduit systems which are used around the world, in a variety of industries, to protect critical power and data cabling. As a brand, Kopex is focussed on the environmental impact of its processes and products and on sustainability and recycling.

Flexible cable management systems from Kopex

Kopex manufacture a comprehensive range of conduit – metallic and flexible – plus the fittings and accessories need to create a complete management system. In addition to metal and flexible systems, there is also a liquid tight system range and all are suitable for industrial and commercial settings.

Kopex liquid tight conduit systems

Offering a broad working temperature range (-20°C to +105°C) and high UV resistance, Kopex liquid tight conduit has a galvanised steel core with a PVC outer layer. The company also produces a liquid resistant conduit similar to the liquid tight variation but with lower tolerances.

Industries that use Kopex conduit

  • Food and drinks industry
  • Construction industry
  • Mining
  • Automobile industry
  • Power generation

Applications for Kopex conduit

  • Commercial buildings – offices, shops, hotels
  • Schools, hospitals
  • Leisure centres, sports stadia
  • Plant rooms and machinery
  • Machine tools
  • Security cameras

Projects that have used Kopex conduit

  • London Underground
  • Heathrow Airport
  • Canary Wharf
  • Channel tunnel

Flexible conduit from cableties-online

At cableties-online, we stock flexible conduit (split and non-split) in a range of internal diameters up to 26.5mm. Additionally we offer spiral wrap with an internal diameter up to 130mm, as well as installation tools and conduit glands. Kopex ranges are available for direct purchase and for more details please email us at sales@cableties-online.co.uk or call our sales team on 01623 412160 today.