Types of custom-printed cable ties – a buyer’s guide

Types of custom-printed cable ties – a buyer’s guide

What are custom printed cable ties and what are they used for? We look at the options available and when you would use them.

At cableties-online, we offer an extensive selection of custom-printed nylon 6/6 cable ties as well as a range of pre-printed cable ties for a host of industrial applications.

Custom printed cable ties

Offered in three widths and a full range of colours and lengths, our custom printed cable ties are available as a standard nylon cable tie, a printed releasable/reusable cable tie, a printed UV and heat stabilised cable tie and as a printed metal detectable cable tie. Each of these comes with three printing options – text, number or a combination of text and number, applied with a hot foil printing method.

Printing options for custom printed cable ties

Choose from text only which allows you 36 upper case characters, number only for a series of sequential 7-digit numbers starting where you want, or a combination of 24 characters plus a 7-digit number. The print is available in black or white, and the best contrast with the colour of the cable tie being printed will be used.

We also supply custom printed clinical waste bag cable ties and custom printed high vibration warning cable ties.

Printed clinical waste bag cable ties

Strict procedures exist surrounding the disposal of clinical waste and traceability is mandatory so that the waste can be tracked back to its point of origin. Printed clinical waste bag cable ties are available in ten different colour options and two lengths and can be printed with information such as hospital name or individual ward names, to provide a comprehensive audit trail. More information can be found here.

Printed high vibration warning cable ties

As construction workers who regularly use high vibration equipment can be at risk from medical conditions including HAVS and RSI, the HSE and the Construction Confederation & Hire Association introduced a colour coded system to identify the varying risks from tools and equipment. The system, known as the traffic light coding system, uses red, orange and green to identify high to low-risk equipment. Our high vibration warning cable ties are available in these industry recognised colours and are custom printed with warning messages. Our article has more details of what is available.

As well as our custom printed cable ties, we also offer pre-printed options as follows:

Phase marking cable ties

Phase marking cable ties are used in metering and electrical work, to identify different cables, and are an industry approved means of electrical identification. Industry recognised colours are used for the cables which are hot foil printed with industry approved notations. Our article  goes into greater detail about what they are and their importance to electricians.  

Printed utility cable ties

Printed along the length of the cable tie to ensure 360° visibility, our printed utility cable ties are printed with ‘Water’ or ‘Gas’, on blue cable ties for water and yellow cable ties for gas. Each cable tie measures 200mm x 4.8mm and is available in handy packs of 100.

If your business or industry has a requirement for printed cable ties, get in touch with our experienced sales team who will be able to help.