The Sherwood Forest Trust Charity

The Sherwood Forest Trust Charity

To promote our wonderful heritage, we are sponsors of the Sherwood Forest Trust Charity. Read on to find out more about this wonderful cause.

What is the Sherwood Forest Trust Charity?

As its name implies, the Sherwood Forest Trust Charity exists to preserve the history and protect the future of what remains of the former Royal Hunting Forest of Sherwood. Established almost 30 years ago, in 1995, the trust has registered charity status. As a not for profit organisation, the trust is funded by grants, fund-raising events, public donations, and corporate sponsorship. The trust also carries out paid consultancy and conservation advisory work on behalf of local councils.

The Royal Hunting Forest of Sherwood

While the woodland in the area can be dated through pollen records, as far back as the Ice Age, the sole purpose of the Royal Hunting Forest of Sherwood was to provide the aristocracy with hunting ground. Only those with a certain social status could hunt there and then only with royal permission. To provide the aristocracy and nobility with the perfect hunting conditions, the forest was managed

The aims of the Sherwood Forest Trust Charity

The original Royal Hunting Forest of Sherwood stretched from Mansfield in the west to the A614 in the east and from Worksop in the north, down as far as Nottingham. Over the years, this once medieval hunting forest, once the size of today’s Greater London, has been reduced to a shadow of its former glory and is made up today of fragmented green spaces. The charity’s mission is to restore and preserve the heathland while spreading awareness of the archaeology and history of the forest.

What does the Sherwood Forest Trust do?

The Trust focusses its efforts in three main areas of work, conservation, culture, and community.

Conservation – conserving the existing heathland through restoration and management is paramount. The Trust works with schools to deliver the Government’s Green Recovery Strategy and advises landowners and farmers on conservation.

Culture – the Trust celebrates the heritage of Sherwood Forest, working consciously to promote the legends (Robin Hood), history, and traditional crafts of the area. This is achieved through group archaeology projects and history talks.

Community – the Trust aims to improve social cohesion in today’s communities through education and engagement with the local population. It organises forest gatherings which include tree planting and woodland festivals.

Cableties-online sponsors the Sherwood Forest Trust Charity

Cableties-online was founded as a family-run business based in the heart of Nottinghamshire and we remain passionate about the area we come from. Corporate sponsorship helps the Trust to continue its important work and we are proud of our association with the organisation.

If your business would like to find out how to help this vital work to continue, visit the Sherwood Forest Trust Charity today.