The nuts and bolts of signboard fixings!

The nuts and bolts of signboard fixings!

In our digital age, fewer people are choosing to erect a For Sale or To Let sign at their property, but is that a good thing? We look at the benefits of a properly installed board.

It seems like every type of business today is conducted online and you may have noticed a decline in the number of For Sale boards there are. However, as the UK’s specialist supplier of signboard fixings for the estate agency industry, we have been asking our clients why there is a need to have a For Sale board visible at your property. Here is what they told us.

For Sale boards are the best marketing tool for estate agents

You’re sitting in a traffic jam on your daily commute and you’re thinking how great it would be to live closer to the office. Then you spot a For Sale sign. Chances are, even if you hadn’t been considering relocating, you will go home and investigate further. Without thar For Sale sign, you wouldn’t have known the property was on the market.

For Sale boards create brand recognition

No matter where you live in the country, there are estate agents whose boards are instantly recognisable, whether they be a distinctive colour or feature an eye-catching design. For estate agents, the For Sale board is not only a great selling mechanism but a great tool to build and reinforce brand awareness.

For Sale boards generate interest

Some of the estate agents we talked to told us that when they install a For Sale board, they are inundated with requests from neighbouring homeowners wanting a valuation. Human nature makes us curious about the value of our home, and when a neighbour is selling, it piques our interest to see how much our own property has increased in worth.

During the social restrictions of the pandemic, many of us took to walking, often on a daily basis, and we became much more aware of our surroundings. From an agent’s perspective, having a For Sale board visible would have attracted the attention of more people to properties on their books. Further, now that we are free of restrictions, many have continued the habits they took up and continue to walk regularly.

Finally, contrary to popular belief, not everyone uses the internet, or even has access to it. For those people, and the more traditional amongst us, a For Sale sign, along with an estate agent’s window, is a way to find properties for sale.

Signboard Fixings from Cableties-online

At cableties-online, we supply a wide range of signboard fixings to estate agents around the UK. From Estate Agents Flag Posts and Estate Agents T Posts, to Estate Agents Hangman Posts, we stock everything you need for Estate Agency Signboards, including all the fixings you need. For details of individual products, our article Signboard fixing ideas’ has lots of information and our experienced staff is always available to help. If you are an estate agent, simply call us on 01623 706241 or email us at to discuss your requirements.