The benefits of cable tie installation tools

The benefits of cable tie installation tools

What is a cable tie tool and why should you use one? Our handy guide looks at the benefits of a cable tie installation tool and tells you all about them.

What is a cable tie tool?

A cable tie tool, sometimes referred to as a cable tie installation tool or a cable tie gun, is a handheld device designed to precisely tension and cut cables ties, sometimes removing the sharp ends of ties in the process, depending on the model.

Why use a cable tie tool?

Known for their ease of use for a variety of applications, cable ties can be used by anybody. However, installing cable ties with a cable tie tool makes the process even easier and can have some surprising long-term health benefits too. Cable tie tools make a simple task quick, easy and much less time-consuming. Cable tie tools are also efficient as they utilise the full strength and securing properties of a cable tie by ensuring the correct tension is used.

The benefits of a cable tie installation tool

In addition to enabling you to correctly tension a cable tie, an installation tool, being lightweight and reliable, allows you to access hard to reach places with the minimum of fuss. The convenient grip design of the tools also allows you to use them single-handed; depending on the model, once you have squeezed the trigger to tighten the tie, the excess will also be removed cleanly and quickly. For those who spend long hours installing several ties a day, for example in the electrical industry, manually installing cable ties can lead to stress injuries due to the repetitive hand movements used. In extreme cases, this could lead to RSI (repetitive stress injury), or tendonitis, so the use of a cable tie tool can reduce these risks.

Types of cable tie tools

There is a wide variety of cable tie installation tools available on the market that will help you to make quick work of any cable tie, from lightweight nylon 6/6 ties to heavyweight stainless steel cable ties, and the important thing is to select the appropriate tool for the job in hand. For small, electrical wires for example, a standard, lightweight tool will be sufficient, whereas more substantial applications involving stainless steel ties will need a heavy duty, more durable tool.

Cable tie installation tools from cableties-online

At cableties-online, we currently stock a selection of five cable tie installation tools, all manufactured from hardwearing metal and including two specially designed for use with stainless steel ties. The type of tool you choose will be dictated by the particular job. For example, our cable tie installation tool up to 4.8mm has an automatic cutting feature and a trigger mechanism to reduce operator fatigue while for cables up to 13.0mm, we have two models, one that gives a manual cut  and one that gives an auto cut. If you are unsure which tool will best suit your project, call us on 01623 706241 or email us at and our highly experienced sales staff will be able to help and advise.