How to secure banners at an event

How to secure banners at an event

Vinyl banners, when used as signage, are a popular and cost-effective way to advertise your business or event.

Given the less-than-consistent weather conditions here in the UK, and depending on how long you need your sign to be on display, it may have to withstand a lot of battering, from wind, rain and even sunshine! In these instances, vinyl banners are particularly useful for outdoor use. However, regardless of whether your banner is vinyl or fabric, hanging it correctly will contribute to it lasting as long as possible.

Attaching a banner to a fence

Cable ties are the most effective means of attaching a PVC banner to a fence or railings. Our nylon 6/6 cable ties have a high tensile strength (the ability to bear weight before breaking) and are heat and chemical resistant. For use outdoors, our UV stabilised cable ties are ideal.  More permanent in nature than cord or rope fastenings, cable ties are suited to long-term use and are easily removed by cutting. To erect the banner, thread the cable ties through the grommets (eyelets) of the banner and through the railings or fence. Tighten the cable ties as much as possible as a firmer attachment will give the banner a smooth and professional appearance, with no sagging.

Displaying a banner on the side of a building or on a wall

Wall mounted banners can often be displayed at a height which will enable them to be seen from a greater distance. The wall will afford the banner some protection against the elements and, when positioned higher up, the banner will not be at risk of damage from people or vehicles. Using screws is the most common way to secure wall mounted banners but this should be looked upon as a permanent solution and is not recommended for temporary signage. Remember, too, that permission should always be obtained before drilling holes into the side of any building. Place a washer over the grommet to reduce the size of the opening, before screwing your screw into the wall. Our signage fixings include washers, screws, drill bits, screwdriver bits and wall plugs.

Hanging a banner from a ceiling

A smaller banner can be successfully suspended from a ceiling with rope or string threaded through the grommets. However, if the banner is large and weighty, nylon 6/6 cable ties will be stronger and be able to support the weight of the banner.

Before displaying your banner

Whether you are hanging your banner on railings, a wall, or from a ceiling, make sure that you have sufficient room for the banner itself, as well as the fixings you are using. Do not be tempted to save time or resources by only using the corner grommets to attach your banner! Make sure every grommet is used as this will distribute the weight across the banner and avoid it being damaged.

Banners are a versatile signage option for both indoor and outdoor use and, if hung correctly, will serve your needs well for a long time. If you still need help on hanging a banner, or need advice on the accessories and fixings you will need, please contact us on 01623 706241 or via email.