Cable tie branding options

Cable tie branding options

Here, we look at branded cable ties and their uses and applications.

As the name implies, a branded or printed cable tie is one that has been marked with letters and/or numbers, and they have many applications, from helping to promote a business to enabling critical cables to be identified and traced in certain environments. Printed cable ties can also speed up the process of cabling installations and make maintenance quicker and safer for engineers and auditors. Items such as clinical waste can be easily secured and subsequently tracked and identified.

What industries use printed cable ties?

Healthcare industry – where clinical waste must be disposed off responsibly and safely in line with stringent official guidelines and requirements, pre-printed cable ties are essential. They can be used for personalised identification of equipment including respirators hoses and for securing medical equipment trolleys and cupboards that contain sensitive materials, equipment or products. A printed cable tie will also ensure traceability of sensitive materials.

Food manufacturing and processing – metal detectable printed cable ties are essential for any situation requiring traceability.

Emergency services – Printed cable ties play a crucial role in both the police and fires services, where the maintenance of chain of evidence and evidence classification are essential.

Utilities – printed cable ties are used by energy utility companies for metering and for electrical installations. They enable engineers and electricians to identify cables during installation or maintenance.

What is hot foil printing?

At cableties-online, we use the hot foil method when printing our cable ties. This process uses heat and pressure combined to transfer pigmented foil onto the product. Our cable ties are hot foil printed in black or white, whichever is the contrasting colour to the cable tie being printed.

What are the advantages of hot foil printing?

High visibility! The process of hot foil printing results in extremely high visibility print which allows it to be seen or identified quickly.

Indelibility – hot foil printed cable ties will withstand normal wear and tear without the print rubbing off.

As hot foil printing is not ink based, the product remains dry to the touch at all times, allowing it to be handled and packaged immediately.

What printed cable ties do we offer?

At cableties-online, in addition to our standard printed cable tie, we offer three other types; printed releasable/reusable cable ties, printed metal detectable cable ties and printed utility cable ties.

What can I have printed on my cable ties?

Our standard, releasable and metal detectable printed cable ties are offered with three printing options – text, text and number, and number only. The text-only option allows for 36 characters which are printed in upper case only. Text and number gives provision for 24 characters as well a 7-digit sequential number starting at a number of your choice. Number-only offers a 7-digit sequential number starting at your number of choice.

Our utility cable ties are available with L, L1, L2, L3, and N, to identify live or neutral electricity cables, as well as ‘Water’ and ‘Gas’. They are available in 6 different colour options.

Our most popular printed ties are sequentially numbered, as they can be used to provide traceability and an audit trail for sealing bags that may contain anything from hospital clinical waste to confidential paperwork waiting to be shredded. Printed cable ties can be custom printed to include a company name location, phone number, website and other contact details, within the allocated character allowance.

Our printed cable ties are available in a wide selection of length and colour combinations. If you cannot find exactly what you need online, please give us a call on 01623 706241 and our friendly and expert staff will be happy to discuss your requirements.